Q&A: What’s the Most Exciting Aspect of the Industry Right Now?

With a steady stream of new materials, formulations and technologies every year, the pace of bedding innovation can be staggering. As retailers look to find the perfect products to stock their showroom floors, it can be a challenge to keep up with a constantly changing market. We asked three manufacturers to pick the most exciting aspect of the industry moving forward and how it can help retailers succeed.

SPRING AIR INTERNATIONAL Rick RobinsonI think one of the most compelling things happening in our industry is the continuing expansion of the power and influence of the internet—not merely to educate, but to sell.

New relationships are evolving and developing between manufacturers and retailers as an outgrowth of technology and its increased importance to consumers.

Just as technology is evolving to address consumer needs and behaviors, consumers in turn are being shaped by new technologies. It’s exciting to be both an observer and a participant in this expanding digital world, which constantly demands new thinking and new strategies for buying and selling.”


A.Gross_HeadshotThe most exciting aspect of our industry right now is the genuine interest from consumers to find the best sleep solution amongst an increasing set of attractive choices. This creates a need for us as manufacturers to make the research and buying process as simple as possible, while rewarding the consumer for the time, effort and money spent on their purchase. We’ve responded with our new interactive shopping tools, including our mobile shopping app, and Serta’s VIP Rewards program.”


Earl KluftI think that one of the most exciting trends in the industry is the ability to provide better temperature regulation and rich comfort through specialty fabrics and upholstery materials. While interesting, the massive amounts of innovation—whether real or perceived—has caused the RSAs and consumers to become leery of many of the feature and benefit claims that are being made at point-of-sale. This trend has created a unique opportunity for Aireloom to stand out among the rest because we have been and continue to use the finest materials, providing truly functional designs, and honest quality in all of our collections.”