Q&A From the Editors: The Importance of US Manufacturing

These days, many American mattress companies turn to overseas manufacturing partners to produce their products. As the market becomes increasingly more global, certain brands remain devoted to keeping their mattresses American-made. This decision can affect many aspects of their business model—from personnel needs and management, production costs, to packaging and shipping. We asked three of these companies about the importance of US manufacturing to the bedding industry as a whole.

Why is US manufacturing so important to your company’s mission?

BOB NABOICHECK, PRESIDENT OF GOLD BONDThe idea of creating “Made in America” products may be new to some sleep products manufacturers, but it isn’t new to us. In fact, it is one of the building blocks on which Gold Bond was built. We have been handcrafting high quality mattresses in Connecticut since 1899.

We spend a lot of time with our retail partners who tell us that today’s consumers are looking for products that help support the economy, but won’t break the bank. Gold Bond can deliver on both because the majority of the raw materials used in our affordable sleep products are made and sourced in America.

Before we introduce a new product, it has to meet our mantra of delivering excellent value and comfort to the customer. Offering high quality, made in America products at an affordable price has always been our strong suit and what makes us stand out in the marketplace


BILL HAMMER, PRESIDENT OF SHIFMAN MATTRESSESThe unmatched reputation of Shifman Mattresses has been built on more than 120 years of quality manufacturing in the USA. By operating out of one US location, I can personally guarantee that each and every mattress is handcrafted to the highest standards. All employees understand the company’s philosophy of creating the finest handmade mattresses in the world and there is a tremendous amount of quality control and supervision built into this process.

Increased labor and shipping costs of manufacturing in the US are accepted to allow Shifman to produce the best quality mattresses for its customers.


KURT LING, CEO OF PURE LATEXBLISSMore consumers are looking for “MADE in the USA” because more consumers care. Our proof points are the number of times we are asked where our latex is made, where our covers our made, where are fabrics are knitted and where our foundations are built. The perception clearly is “Made in the USA” is better.

In the mattress category, our research says US consumers perceive high-end brands are manufactured in Europe or the mid-tier brands are manufactured in the US and low-end brands are made “overseas” not to include Europe. Customers who care may want to know where the components are from as well.

We have evaluated fabrics, zippered covers and even POP made elsewhere and they are less expensive. That said, the innovation, service and product we receive has always returned us to US vendors. Our mission since our founding was to craft our mattresses with the finest components available in the world. To execute on that mission, we use US Manufacturers and build everything in one plant in Connecticut servicing the entire US and 17 other countries worldwide.