Q&A From the Editors: Partnering with Retailers to Market Products

When it comes to moving mattresses on retail floors, a comprehensive approach to marketing is vital. From in-store POP to direct-to-consumer advertising—there are many different ways manufacturers work directly with their retail partners to help them catch the attention of potential customers to sell their products and increase their sales numbers.


Kevin DamewoodOne of the key elements behind Kingsdown’s business success has been the strong relationships we’ve forged with our legacy retail partners. There is no mandated program or one-size-fits all-strategy to the way we work with our partners, especially in the midst of the growth we’re experiencing, it takes having a superior team in place. Over last year we have expanded Kingsdown’s marketing team, launched partnerships with three new marketing firms and hired additional sales staff members spanning across every region in the country.

While expanding Kingsdown’s positioning in the bedding industry, this advanced marketing strategy has also allowed us to facilitate the needs of retailers through collaboration on various advertising, digital and public relations programs to promote both our retailers and our products. It also ensures that we have Kingsdown representatives on the ground across the U.S. and beyond to help retailers with marketing, sourcing, customer service and other onsite needs.

As the leading innovator on the manufacturing side, it has always been important for Kingsdown to anticipate how partner needs will change as the industry evolve and we do this through commitment to technology and product development.

By working closely with our partners and anticipating their wide-ranging market needs, both in the present and future, Kingsdown has established longstanding relationships with many of our retail partners. Providing a quality, innovative product portfolio, combined with our robust support system to align on marketing and other service needs, we are building on Kingsdown’s rich 110-year history and looking forward to the future.


Ron PassagliaSince 1938, Restonic has contributed to a whole lot of good nights, supporting the dreams of our customers and retail partners alike.

When a consumer buys a big-ticket item, like a mattress, a lot of research goes into that purchase. Many consumers begin their education online and we have loaded the Restonic website and blog with a smorgasbord of information on their mattresses, how to buy a mattress and how a mattress plays a vital role in a good night’s sleep.

When consumers are ready to go to a brick and mortar store to begin taking mattresses for a test drive, Restonic is a recognizable brand. Our integrated marketing strategy provides consumers with the same experience online and in-store with engaging point of purchase materials chocked full of the information they need to make a smart purchase. In today’s cluttered marketplace, brands need to be memorable in the consumer’s mind, quickly and easily.

We support our retailers in the ways they want support. We have a monthly insert program, ads on disc, television commercials and HD footage available to all authorized Restonic dealers. As well, we’ve recently launched a Restonic Digital Publishing Program that provides social media strategy, content and future planning. All of our blog posts and image are also available for syndication by any retailer. Creating content in the online world is time consuming and expensive and we want to shoulder some of that burden with our retail partners.


Bob NaboicheckThe best marketing strategy is the ability to set yourself apart from your competition. Gold Bond helps our retail partners differentiate themselves from the big sleep chain by offering our two-sided mattresses which are always made with edge to edge steel, never foam encased, using high quality raw materials and are that are sold at value prices with significantly higher margins.

I think the best way to market—and sell—a mattress is to have an educated RSA who feels comfortable and confident with the product they are selling. At a time when other mattress manufacturers are scaling back personal visits to retailers to trim costs, we have increased the time we spend in retailers’ showrooms for additional support and training and in some cases even helping a RSA close a sale. We make those appointments at key times—such as early Saturday morning and big holiday promotions—and inject some fresh energy that pays a huge dividend in terms of product sales in the immediate weeks after a visit.

We also help our customers implement a “pull/push” marketing strategy. Gold Bond is not a “pull” brand; we are a “push” brand. This means that the retailers utilize the name recognition of some of the other popular mattress brands to “pull” the consumer into the store and once they are shopping, the RSA can easily “push” them to buy Gold Bond. Consumers like the high quality, value priced two-sided mattress and the retailer benefits from the high margins and exclusivity we provide our customers.


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