PureCare Launches Major Market Diversification Program

Lonnie SchepPureCare has redefined the sleep essentials category with their complete collection of health and wellness focused mattress and pillow protectors, sheets, pillows and other essentials, and is now reaching beyond the sleep shop and furniture arenas to offer new health and wellness solutions to a broader range of consumers.

PureCare President and COO Jeff Bergman announced the new market diversification program with the appointment of industry veteran Lonnie Scheps to the position of Vice President of Market Diversification. “Historically, PureCare has brought the newest and smartest in healthy, wellness enhancing and comfort focused products to the sleep store and furniture marketplace,” Bergman explained. “We have supported these product innovations with powerful point of purchase and retail merchandising strategies, packaging and marketing. The result has been unsurpassed success and sales for our sleep shop and furniture retailers. It is now time for us to expand from specialized products designed for the sleep shop and furniture retail customers - to large channel health, wellness and comfort products that appeal to all wellness seeking consumers. We are looking to Lonnie Scheps to bring his years of experience and broad consumer market relationships to build and diversify the PureCare health and wellness brand into additional market arenas with fascinating and diverse new products.”

Scheps formally assumed his position as Vice President of Market Diversification on October 15th. “This is a very exciting and positive opportunity to bring my expertise in product fabrication, consumer market experience and my contacts to facilitate the company into a new, more diversified group of consumer channels,” Scheps said. “ I hope to bring to this program and the new position the experience and relationships, as well as some of the successes I have been fortunate to be part of over the past several years.”

Scheps’ past experiences include working with Sinomax-USA and the Carpenter Company, which he launched into the consumer product retail marketplace. Scheps also worked for Hudson Industries in the basic bedding arena and Decorite in the fashion-bedding category.

Sean Bergman, PureCare’s Chief Marketing Officer, anticipates that there will be new product introductions focusing on wellness through technical textiles as soon as second quarter 2015. “Our main focus will be to benefit more bedrooms with life enhancing wellness products through a different and uniquely exciting new brand,” Bergman explained. “We are expanding all departments in sales, marketing, product design and business development to give us unparalleled depth and talent to achieve these goals.”

For more information, visit www.PureCare.com.

About PureCare: PureCare designs essential elements necessary to create a healthy sleep environment. PureCare mattress and pillow protectors, sheets, mattress toppers and pillows – all of which combine superior technology, innovation and the highest quality materials – are revolutionary to today’s health conscious consumers and allergy sufferers. PureCare continues to change the conversation in the sleep essentials industry to focus on health and wellness, and has introduced the first Limited Life Stain Warranty. PureCare is proud to manufacture the official mattress and pillow protectors of the National Sleep Foundation.