Pure LatexBLISS Launches New Website

By: Christopher Schriever

Pure LatexBLISS™ revamped its website using “info-tainment” – a combination of video segments and other real time tools – to better educate consumers about Pure LatexBLISS mattresses, pillows and toppers.

“Our brand strategy has evolved to pre-selling consumers as they canvas the internet in their search for the perfect mattress,” said Pure LatexBLISS Co-Founder and CEO Kurt Ling. “The company’s vision is to make selecting a mattress and pillow simple, easy and fun. We aim to help them get answers that are easy to understand. With the new website, retailers have a place to send customers to teach them about Pure LatexBLISS mattresses and pillows in a straightforward, fun and informative way.”

The new iPad and smartphone-friendly site will include exclusive video content that will help consumers to research at home at their convenience from the web-enabled devise of their choice.

“Men and women experience different thought processes when shopping,” said Ling. “Women respond to emotional cues and language while men prefer more rational information. Avoiding industry jargon, our website will feature compelling, unambiguous content demonstrating how our mattresses and pillows contributes to a better night’s sleep.”

Visit www.latexbliss.com.