Pure LatexBLISS and Biorubber Producer Yulex Corporation Announce Exclusive Partnership

Pure LatexBLISS and Yulex Corporation, an agricultural-based biomaterials company, announced today the formation of an exclusive partnership agreement. Offering an additional option to Pure LatexBLISS’ other latex products derived from Hevea rubber trees, the company will be the first manufacturer in the sleep products industry to create latex mattresses and pillows with Yulex’s biorubber material made from guayule, a renewable, non-food crop grown domestically in the U.S.

Yulex’s biorubber is desirable for its eco-friendly properties. The material has a natural elasticity, durability and softness, which make it an ideal component for bedding. Those same qualities make Yulex appropriate for a range of consumer, industrial and medical markets. The company has strategic partnerships in other consumer categories, including with Patagonia sportswear and Ansell Medical in the medical device market.

“This is a ‘new to the world’ latex technology that has never been used before in our category. When we discovered Yulex, we were convinced that this was an innovation we needed to bring to our product collections. Not only does Yulex produce a high-performance biorubber, we were excited to learn that it is derived from a plant grown in the United States,” said Pure LatexBLISS President Kurt Ling.

“Yulex’s partnership with Pure LatexBLISS represents a new standard for creating sustainable, renewable, and low carbon footprint sleep products,” said Yulex Corporation CEO and President Jeff Martin. “This validates the growing demand from manufactures to use renewable, health-friendly materials in product design which are produced locally. ”

A desert plant indigenous to the southwest United States, guayule is a new industrial crop and the only species other than Hevea that has been used for rubber production on a commercial scale. Guayule requires low water consumption, is grown domestically, is latex allergy-friendly and has a clean manufacturing process. Rubber is found primarily in the bark of this desert shrub. To extract the rubber, the branches are ground, releasing intact rubber particles into an aqueous suspension. The materials are separated in a centrifuge and the rubber mixture is purified.

Pure LatexBLISS plans to unveil its innovative Yulex collection of mattresses, toppers and pillows at the Las Vegas Furniture Market.

For more information, please visit www.latexbliss.com or www.yulex.com.

About Pure LatexBLISS: Atlanta-based Pure LatexBLISS is a growing luxury mattress brands in the world, manufacturing and marketing ultra premium mattresses made with the finest components available. When founded, Pure LatexBLISS used contract manufacturers and logistics partners. Today, the company does business in 14 countries with regional distribution centers in the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Atlanta, Miami, Phoenix, Texas, Connecticut, and Portland (OR). Pure LatexBLISS has five showrooms worldwide in Brussels, Belgium, High Point, NC, Las Vegas, NV, Shelton, CT and Tupelo, MS.

About Yulex Corporation :Yulex Corporation has developed a portfolio of biomaterials derived from the U.S. grown guayule plant. The company’s technological innovation is designed to replace traditional tropical or petroleum based rubber for consumer, industrial and medical markets, with the residual agricultural materials utilized as a feedstock for bioenergy. Yulex collaborates with customers to develop and market highly differentiated premium performance products in an ecologically responsible, sustainable manner.