Protect-A-Bed Brings “Grow the Retail Basket” to New York

Protect-A-Bed's“Grow The Retail Basket” campaign is making its New York debut at the New York Home Fashions Market this March. Officially unveiled in January, the new campaign is specially focused on increasing sales ticket sizes for retailers.

“Our programs help retailers overcome declining single item tickets, and grow revenue through add-on sales,” said John Rachid, President of Protect-A-Bed. “We’re using New York Home Fashions as a way to underline how we can help retailers drive revenue growth with top-of-bed and innovative sleep accessories.”

Designed to help retailers lift overall sales tickets, the “Grow the Retail Basket” campaign focuses on six core areas that together constitute programmatic support:

Protect-A-bed Grow The Retail Basket

Marketing: Offering seasonal promotions and support across traditional print, digital and social platforms, Protect-A-Bed amplifies retailers’ messages to increase both traffic and sales.

Product: With over 1,800 SKUs, award-winning innovative products and complete collections, Protect-A-Bed offers bedding accessories that fit a range of prices and sales demographics.

Display: Patented displays, eye-catching design and content that educates customers helps Protect-A-Bed increase conversion across retail placements.

Training: Educated sales teams sell more product. Protect-A-Bed’s training team specializes in creating education programs that suit each retailer’s individual needs with whole bedding system and sales enhancements.

Service: With best-in-class customer service and same-day shipping capabilities, Protect-A-Bed delivers products quickly, while ensuring all consumer inquiries and issues are handled with expert care.

Trust: The worldwide leader in mattress protection innovation, Protect-A-Bed has a 34-year history of doing business, and is the recognized brand in the field. FDA classified products, Asthma & Allergy Friendly™ certifications and the Good Housekeeping Seal bolster consumer trust both in store and online.

“Simple changes like taking advantage of our proprietary displays, featuring our award-winning products, and leveraging our expert teams, can help lift retail sales for any size location,” said James Bell, CEO of Protect-A-Bed.

In addition to the new program, Protect-A-Bed will also showcase its extensive product collection at the New York Home Fashions Market. In addition to the Originals, Naturals, and Therm-A-Sleep Collections, the company will also spotlight the latest in sleep and recovery technology from REM-Fit.

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About Protect-A-Bed: Protect-A-Bed is the global leader in sleep technology. First to develop air-vapor-porous mattress protection, Protect-A-Bed invented the mattress protection category and continues to drive innovation in the top-of-bed industry. Desiring to expand the technological capabilities of the bedding industry, in 2014, the REM-Fit brand was introduced. REM-Fit quickly brought new technology like wearable activity and non-wearable sleep trackers into the market, then continued to push development by introducing new fabrics and knitting techniques. This resulted in materials with more flexible, breathable and resilient performance. In 2016 REM-Fit launched ZEEQ, the world’s first smart pillow. ZEEQ integrates motion and sound tracking with 8 built-in speakers, app, Bluetooth and Amazon Alexa connectivity, delivering data, music and snoring cessation in one customizable pillow. ZEEQ has recently received the 2017 CES Innovation Honor.