Pleasant Mattress Wows With Hollywood-Style Event

David Christie, left, and Marc Fey, both of Mancini’s Sleepworld, Livermore, Calif.; Rion Morgenstern, Pleasant Mattress; and Anissa Morgenstern.


Pleasant Mattress The Premiere 2017

Jose Botello, left, Talalay Global; Herb Morgenstern, Pleasant Mattress; and Jeff Gober, also Talalay Global.

Independent mattress manufacturer Pleasant Mattress recently hosted a world class event,

Pleasant Mattress The Premiere 2017

Lori Knigge, left, Lori’s Half Price Mattresses, Sebastopol, Calif.; Mike Moore, Pleasant Mattress; and Kimberly Brand, also Lori’s Half Price Mattresses.

treating its 80-plus guests to VIP hospitality complete with entertainment, new product and a unique menu. The Premiere 2017, held in a sophisticated El Segundo, Calif. urban setting at Big Door Studio, was designed to appeal to a variety of senses. From a creative menu and unique cocktails crafted by an expert mixologist to the music performed by The New Electric Sound, Pleasant Mattress rolled out the red carpet for its guests. Pleasant Mattress retailers, vendors and partners spent the evening reviewing new product, networking and learning more about the company’s history and future strategies.


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About Pleasant Mattress: Pleasant Mattress is an independent, family-owned mattress supplier in the Western United States. The company employs 140 people and has been in business since 1959 when it was founded as the Pleasant Bag Co. The company produces traditional mattresses and specialty sleep products in its 150,000-square-foot facility in Fresno, Calif.