Pleasant Mattress Enhances Customer Experience With Technology Investment

Independent mattress manufacturer Pleasant Mattress is implementing new technology to enhance its customers’ experience, streamline its order processing and track delivery of those orders in real time. The new tools will help empower Pleasant Mattress’ customers with access and information to better manage their businesses.

As part of its strategic move, Pleasant Mattress is implementing ShopZio, a turnkey app that gives retailers the power to browse Pleasant’s family of products, submit orders, review previous orders and access special promotions. The company has also invested in DR Track, a logistics planning and global positioning system tracking. The DR Track system also provides a web portal for their customers with access detailed shipping information. ShopZio and DR Track sync to provide Pleasant Mattress’ customers the most up-to-date information available on orders and deliveries with real-time shipping notifications.

“We live in an age where customer expectations are based on Amazon Prime. With these tools we bring the best of the online consumer shopping experience to our B2B customers,” said Rion Morgenstern, president and CEO of Pleasant Mattress. “Our investment in these emerging platforms will make us more productive and more customer-centric and put us ahead of the industry in customer facing technology.”

In addition to ShopZio, Pleasant Mattress will implement a sister app – RepZio – for its sales team. RepZio gives the sales representatives the power to visually display the full product range place orders through their iPad Pros for their retail customers.

The seamless link between the technologies provides the company with access to order data immediately, allowing the company to adjust production schedules accordingly. If a specific style is undergoing a surge in orders, production lines can be shifted to meet increased demand.

“Both ShopZio and RepZio are intuitive and easy to use, and will allow us to be more responsive to our customers’ needs,” Morgenstern added.

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About Pleasant Mattress: Pleasant Mattress is an independent, family-owned mattress supplier in the Western United States. The company employs 140 people and has been in business since 1959 when it was founded as the Pleasant Bag Co. The company produces traditional mattresses and specialty sleep products in its 150,000-square-foot facility in Fresno, Calif.