Paramount Sleep hosts Secretary of Commerce John Bryson

Following the president's State of the Union address, Paramount Sleep hosted Secretary of Commerce John Bryson to a talk about manufacturing and how the Commerce Department can help businesses build products here in America.

Secretary of Commerce John Bryson & the Paramount team

“This family-owned company has a great American story. It started in the Depression in a furniture store basement—they said there was nowhere to go but up. Like many businesses here in Norfolk, the recent recession hit them—but they pressed on. Today, they manufacture high-end products using about 90 percent U.S. content,”explained Bryson.

Bryson echoed a few key points the president made during his State of the Union address earlier this week, including the importance of American manufacturing. He highlighted the need to discourage outsourcing, encourage insourcing, and lower tax rates for companies that manufacture and create jobs here.

“We want to make sure that American manufacturers can continue to build it here and sell it everywhere. That’s exactly what companies like Paramount Sleep are poised to do. Their mattresses are made in America with nearly all domestic suppliers,” he said.

Earlier this month Paramount Sleep became the first national mattress company to be Made in USA Certified®. The Made in USA Certified® is the standard for the “Made in USA” claim in accordance with the FTC “made in the USA Claim” requirement under federal law.

Qualifying for the Made in USA Certified® seal signifies that a manufactured or assembled product has gone through a rigorous auditing and certification process to confirm that the product was manufactured and/or assembled in the United States of America, using U.S. labor, and that each component of the product was manufactured and/or assembled in the U.S.

“If we focus our resources and take the steps that the president has called for, we can help reinvigorate American manufacturing in the 21st Century,” Bryson concluded.

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About Paramount Sleep: Paramount Sleep is a company of bedding people, dedicated to carrying on its legacy of integrity, innovation and American made craftsmanship for more than 80 years. It is the only national mattress company to be Made in USA Certified®. The company’s mattress lines include: A.H. Beard, Back Performance, Boutique Hotel, GoodNite Kids, Heavy Duty, Nature’s Spa, Quilt O PEDIC, and Sleep for Success.