Paramount Sleep And SHEEX Bedding Announce Innovative Partnership

A new concept in bedding is going to revolutionize the mattress buying experience and will be showcased at the Red Rock Resort during the Las Vegas furniture market. In an untapped market niche, Paramount Sleep is excited to partner with the SHEEX bedding company to provide one-stop shopping. The SHEEX Performance Sleep System--a unique collaboration of mattress and bedding products that includes high-performance mattresses, bed sheets, mattress pads, comforters and pillows--specifically engineered to maximize quality of sleep.

Providing handcrafted mattresses since 1933, Paramount Sleep is a third-generation, family owned manufacturer based in Norfolk, VA. In an industry that is making mattress buying less personal, Paramount Sleep focuses on building business relationships with loyalty and commitment, touting alliances throughout the United States with mattress brands available at many of the top retailers in the country. In addition, Paramount Sleep is proud to supply the United States military at home and abroad. Not only designed and made in America, Paramount Sleep products are also certified using only American-made components and suppliers when available.

According to Richard Fleck, President of Paramount Sleep, "Ethics, innovation and performance are key components to our success, which is the reason we are excited to partner with SHEEX, a company that was founded on these same tenets. We share in the premise that performance in sleep is key to performance in life. Our philosophy is the same. The SHEEX and Paramount partnership is truly a first in the industry and creates a win/win for the consumer and our retail partners. We could not be happier to offer the very best quality in both the mattress and bedding categories for our prospective buyers. Knowing how vested SHEEX is as a company in the unique materials and designs they choose, Paramount Sleep is truly honored to find an equally scrupulous collaborator.”

SHEEX, Inc., is the world’s first performance fabric bedding company with globally patented technology that provides optimal thermal conditions for deeper sleep powered by SLEEP•FIT Technology. Inspired by the feel and breathability of athletic performance fabrics, former collegiate basketball coaches and standout athletes Michelle Brooke-Marciniak and Susan Walvius, the Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of SHEEX, shook up the bedding world in 2007 by inventing a whole new “Performance Bedding” category in home textiles through breathable, stretchable, moisture-wicking technical fabrics.

“The introduction of a SHEEX mattress in partnership with Paramount Sleep has been an important component to realizing our long term strategy of revolutionizing the total sleep and recovery experience for the consumer,” Brooke-Marciniak said. Walvius added, “We chose Paramount as our partner because they have a commitment to manufacturing the finest quality product with integrity and performance as their foundation for success. Additionally, they have a thorough understanding of the cutting-edge materials we want to bring to a mattress associated with the SHEEX brand. Finally, the Paramount Team has the ability and expertise to execute it.”

SHEEX Performance Sleep System will include three categories of mattresses, offering a range of materials for differing consumer preferences, each with the goal of getting a better night’s sleep. Each product in this system has been developed with must-have technical performance fabrics and constructed with innovative technology to optimize mind and body performance. Most importantly, each SHEEX brand mattress is considered a Paramount premium quality mattress, in the same category as other successful Paramount products such as HYPNOS, A.H. BEARD and NATURE’S SPA.

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About Paramount Sleep: Paramount Sleep is a third generation, family owned mattress manufacturer based in Norfolk, Va.  For more than 80 years, the company has remained one of the industry’s premier suppliers of high quality mattress systems. Available at many top retailers in the country, the company currently produces handcrafted mattresses under eight unique brand names:  A.H. Beard, Back Performance, Boutique Hotel, Doc in a Box, GoodNite, HD Super Duty, Hypnos, and Nature’s Spa.

About SHEEX: SHEEX represents an entirely new category in functional bedding and sleepwear focused on the science of sleep and recovery. SHEEX addresses a need for innovative, next-generation products that provide solutions for a more comfortable sleep environment through breathable, moisture-wicking technical fabrics.