Paramount and Bloomingdale’s Help New Couples Choose A Mattress

Paramount Sleep has teamed up with Bloomingdale’s for a unique event to promote sleep health, alongside the new Nature’s Spa Serenity Collection.

A natural, luxury product designed to address the needs of Bloomingdale’s clientele, this mattress collection is a hybrid of latex and coil featuring a clean, airy design and all-natural materials. Three models—Norma, Jacqueline and Perry, named after the iconic designers who got their start at Bloomingdale’s—offer customers a variety of comforts.

On Sunday, June 29, Bloomingdale’s will host a wedding registry event in partnership with Paramount Sleep at Roosevelt Field in Garden City, New York. A Paramount Sleep representative will be on hand to offer sleep tips and to guide couples through the mattress selection process.

The first 25 couples in attendance will receive copies of Sleep to Win! by sleep expert and New York Times bestselling author Dr. James Maas. Two lucky couples also will go home with a set of new Nature’s Spa pillows.

Couples will also try out Paramount’s new Nature’s Spa Serenity Collection, a line handcrafted exclusively for Bloomingdale’s.

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About Paramount Sleep : Paramount Sleep is a third generation, family owned mattress manufacturer based in Norfolk, Va. For more than 80 years, the company has remained one of the industry’s premier suppliers of high quality mattress systems. Available at many top retailers in the country, the company currently produces handcrafted mattresses under eight unique brand names: A.H. Beard®, Back Performance®, Boutique Hotel, Doc in a Box®, GoodNite®, HD Super Duty®, iGravity®, and Nature’s Spa®.