Organic Mattresses President Appointed to CA Department of Consumer Affairs Advisory Council

Walt Bader, President of Organic Mattresses, Inc., (OMI) has been appointed to the California Department of Consumer Affairs Advisory Council. The department’s Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation (BHFTI) is the organization that enforces the State BHFTI Act, and the regulations pertaining to health and safety standards related to mattresses and upholstered furniture. They also investigate consumer complaints and fraudulent claims to ensure a fair marketplace.

BHFTI was the leader in establishing flammability standards for the State of California, and audits compliance for the federal flammability standard 16 CFR Part 1633. This is the organization that is planning to address the open-flame hazard of top-of-bed products such as pillows, comforters, bedspreads and mattress pads. The Bureau regulates all bedding products with concealed filling materials, and issues licenses to businesses that produce or sell these products. The most common complaints received by the bureau involve false or misleading advertising, excessive delivery times, and cleanliness standards relative to used mattresses. The Bureau has taken an interest in the area of “green” claims, and has several complaints pending against both retailers and manufacturers.

“I hope that my involvement will help stave off and mitigate further state and federal regulations by improving the accuracy of information provided to mattress consumers as well as being closely involved with the flammability issues surrounding top-of-bed products,” said Walt Bader. Walt intends to be an industry resource and advocate for those seeking to understand or interface with this important organization.

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