OMI President Lauds FTC For Campaign Against False Organic Claims

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has admonished more than 36 companies for deceitful certification seals on mattresses which it considers deceptive practices. The FTC recently mailed letters to five certifiers and 32 businesses warning them that the certification seals displayed on their products that claim the products are “green” or “eco-friendly” do not provide consumers with enough information and do not meet the FTC’s environmental marketing guidelines.

“Too many companies are displaying ‘Green’ certification seals without providing the relevant back-up information,” said OMI President and Founder Walt Bader. “OMI is the nation’s first manufacturer of certified organic mattresses. We believe these graphics and seals are all too easy to obtain or create, and we urge the FTC to be relentlessly vigilant in targeting such sham companies.”

For the bedding industry, there is no such classification as an ‘Organic Mattress’—only a third-party ‘Certified Organic Mattress’ is recognized by the auditing certifiers. Likewise there are no standards for ‘Green,’ ‘Sustainable,’ or ‘Natural and All Natural’ mattresses. Though web sites or manufacturers often claim to use ‘certified organic materials,’ many offer no verification that these materials were purchased or actually used in their product.

“Americans have a wealth of choices available to them,” Bader explained. “And of course information displayed on products and in advertising can affect the decisions we make as consumers.”

Most consumers trust that the information provided on the labels of products they purchase is correct, “But how can we know for sure?” Bader asked. “Consumers deserve to know what they are buying. We deserve to be provided with correct and thorough information on product labels. That’s why OMI is so pleased with the FTC’s current campaign – and why we will be eager to hear the results of that campaign.”

“The FTC publishes ‘Green Guides’ that help to explain how to better communicate a product’s ‘green’ attributes,” Bader continued. “And it’s easy to do: just click here for more information and to see a comparative example between a good seal display and a bad seal display.”

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About OMI: OMI is a full-circle environmental company dedicated to supporting America’s organic and sustainable farmers. OMI was the first company to achieve USDA “Certified Organic” status for a complex textile (mattress). They were the first to challenge the CPSC and proved that they could pass flammability regulations without fire barriers or suppressants, OMI was the first to develop a method of sanitizing certified organic raw materials, and OMI was the first company to use certified organic 100% natural latex cores in its products. OMI’s handmade custom organic mattresses are manufactured in Northern California in the first and only large-scale Eco-Factory dedicated to the manufacturing of certified organic products. OMI mattresses qualify under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s LEEDs indoor air-quality program.