New Survey Reveals Americans Do Much More in Bed than Just Sleep

Americans are increasingly doing more and more in their beds, but it’s not what you may be thinking. The “Elevate Your Sleep” survey, conducted by The Saatva Company, revealed that people aren’t just sleeping in their beds: they’re reading, watching TV, working and relaxing.

“The lounging that was once done from the comfort of our living rooms has shifted over to our bedrooms,” said Elizabeth Mayhew, lifestyle expert. “There’s a great sense of ease and convenience in being able to catch up on missed TV shows, watch a movie or work from your bed before drifting off.”

The survey found that many Americans are doing lots of daily activities from their beds and they would like to do more.

  • Americans reported doing daily activities in bed including watching a TV show/movie (66%), browsing the internet (60%), checking email (57%), checking social media accounts (54%) and reading (40%)
  • 73% say there is no place they would rather unwind than in their own bed
  • 60% agree they would rather watch a show/movie in their bed than on the couch
  • 45% wish they could do more daily activities in bed

But for many people, finding the right position in bed can be a serious challenge. The survey found that 66% agree the hardest part of doing daily activities in their bed is getting comfortable

As the bed becomes a place for more than just sleeping, Americans are looking to adjustable bases to make their beds more comfortable for these activities. The survey found that 60% are interested in a bed that helps them rest or relax in a variety of positions. Additionally, over half (55%) of those who responded to the survey have considered purchasing an adjustable bed.

Saatva Elevate Your Sleep Infographic

With this in mind, The Saatva Company developed and launched the Lineal Adjustable Base, designed to glide into the best positions for sleeping and for lifestyle needs such as binge-watching the family’s favorite show.

“The bed has increasingly become about more than just sleeping,” said Ron Rudzin, CEO, The Saatva Company. “Consumers are doing everything from working to watching TV to online shopping in their beds and we’re here to elevate their comfort and take their experience to the next level.”

The Lineal complements the Saatva family of brands, including the Saatva innerspring, the Loom & Leaf memory foam mattress and the 100% natural latex Zenhaven mattress. It is also compatible with other mattresses that fit an adjustable base.

The “Elevate Your Sleep” survey was conducted by Toluna, a research insights company. Research findings are based on a representative sample of 1,000 Americans who are over 18. These respondents were asked their attitudes, opinions and behaviors about sleep and adjustable beds. The survey was fielded in May 2017 through Toluna’s online panel.

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