New Sleep Tracker, FitSleep, Uses Alpha Waves to Induce Deeper Sleep

FitSleep, an intelligent sleep companion that results in superior nights of sleep, today unveiled its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Created as an innovative way to track sleep patterns, FitSleep logs heart rate, respiratory rate and other vital signs, using the data to help ensure better nights of sleep. But FitSleep doesn't stop there. Emitting a range of waves from 1-13hz, the device scans how the user's body reacts to different waves. These waves have some impact on the nervous system by using biofeedbacks to adjust vital signs. FitSleep's multiple sensors will detect these changes and narrow down the wave range to a specific frequency, then emit waves tailored to help the user get a better sleep. Research shows most people take less time to fall asleep and reach the deep sleep phase faster when they are being lulled by modulated alpha waves.

“Because of the alpha waves, we decided to name our device the Alpha 1,” said FitSleep creator Xuan Yao. “Our goal is to not only help you learn more about your sleep, but give you the tools to achieve an easier and healthier night's sleep.”

The more FitSleep is used, the more accurate the personalized tips. All the information the device learns about the person using it is compiled and stored in the device and cloud. After analysis of sleeping patterns and vital signs, FitSleep constructs personalized sleeping tips to try and help achieve a better night's sleep.

“The FitSleep team worked with professionals in both the medical world and numerous scholars to provide the best sleep advice possible,” added Yao. “Simply slide the compact, durable and portable FitSleep under a pillow, mattress or even couch cushion and let the magic sleep formula do the work all night, while the user gets the benefits of a great sleep without knowing it's there.”

FitSleep also helps put an end to drowsy mornings by using the data collected about the individuals sleep phases. Its built in alarm in the FitSleep app can be set to wake the user during a light sleep for a more natural wakeup. Avoiding waking up during a deeper sleep, allows a better chance to wake feeling replenished and ready to take on the day.

Perfect for people of all ages, FitSleep can help monitor the sleeping patterns of children, youth and adults young and old. For those with aging parents, FitSleep helps stay connected with them.

Using the FitSleep companion app, users can pair their mobile device with a loved one's FitSleep device and monitor their sleeping statistics from afar and receive alerts if abnormalities in their sleep have been detected, or their heart rate was inconsistent during the night. The app will then suggest taking them to see a physician.

With a long lasting battery that can be used continuously for 30 days, an entire month of sleep data can be accumulated on just one charge.

FitSleep is available for pre-order; to learn more, please visit the product's Indiegogo webpage.

About FitSleep: In this day and age we monitor everything. Every step taken, every calorie consumed, and every activity is documented. So what about sleep? Perhaps the most important part of our everyday life we pay the least attention to. Sleep is the cornerstone to a healthy life, and for that reason it deserves the utmost care and attention. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate more than a third of American adults are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis.

FitSleep's 99% accuracy makes it the perfect device to start giving sleep the consideration it deserves. Life is too precious for us to miss anything, especially while sleeping.

Its wave technology will be a personal lullaby on a nightly basis. No matter what the age, those using it will always be tucked in with FitSleep.