Naturepedic and Suite Sleep First to Participate in BEDFAX Verified Mattress Contents Label Program

Two companies well known for marketing healthier, safer, environmentally responsible “natural” or “certified organic” mattresses and bedding have signed up as the first participants in the Specialty Sleep Association's voluntary BEDFAX Verified contents label program. Both Ohio-based Naturepedic, which markets a full line of environmentally-friendly and certified organic finished mattresses, and Colorado-based Suite Sleep, which features children’s and adult lines of sustainable farm-to-bedroom mattresses and bedding made with certified organic materials, have signed up with the industry consumer disclosure label program.

The BEDFAX contents label program was developed to inform consumers of exactly what is inside a participating mattress model by weight or volume, including what is in the cover, the quilt or comfort layer and the core of the participating mattress.

Suite Sleep selected two models, “The Little Lamb Latex Mattress” and the “Little Spring Hybrid Mattress” with detailed Consumer Disclosure Labels and documentation supporting claims for 100% natural latex and “organic certified” cotton ticking. Naturepedic has chosen to participate in the BEDFAX program with 17 models and 12 third-party overall certifications and endorsements formally approved, and verified by the SSA BEDFAX Verified program. The detailed applications and supporting paperwork will be kept on file at the SSA headquarters in Friant, CA and renewable in 2017.

Angela Owen, President and Owner of Suite Sleep, Inc., stated, “We believe that the consumer should know what is in our bed. We are committed to the idea of full transparency and embrace this consumer disclosure labeling program as part of Suite Sleep’s commitment to creating a better informed and educated consumer.”

Barry Cik, Technical Director at Safe for Home Products, LLC, which manufactures and markets under the brand names of Naturepedic and Lullaby Earth, warmly endorsed the company’s participation in this consumer content label program. “We are honored to be part of the BEDFAX program and to help it succeed. We have devoted years to designing and marketing healthier and safer mattresses and bedding for adults and children. The more we can inform and educate our consumers, the better.”

Under the terms of the BEDFAX program these companies have committed to displaying the consumer disclosure labels on the floor models of the participating models and shipping those disclosure labels with the warranty information for each of those models sold. Additionally the participating companies and models will, in the near future, be featured on the website so that consumers can research the contents and information available for each participating model.

In order to assure 100% credibility under the new BEDFAX program, SSA will randomly have an independent third-party testing lab test BEDFAX products for contents and supporting documentation.  BEDFAX manufacturers will reimburse SSA for all costs.

Dale Read, President of the SSA, explains that upon receipt of the application and registration of each mattress model, all third-party paperwork confirming the information will be placed on file in the SSA files with the application. The information will then also be posted on the BEDFAX website for easy access to the information by consumers and retailers alike.

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About BEDFAX: is a service provided by the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) in response to demand from consumers for information and education about what is inside mattresses.  The manufacturers supporting this contents label transparency program are primarily members of SSA and committed to this mission and vision for the mattress industry. 

About the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA): Founded in 1995, the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) is a national, not-for-profit organization created to facilitate the growth and positive awareness of the specialty sleep category. Its members develop or sell specialty sleep products including natural/bio-based and organic bedding, latex, memory foam, air, gel, water, adjustable, new spring technologies and related products. SSA membership includes more than 100 manufacturers and retailers ranging from small, family owned businesses to large corporations.