MLILY USA Partners With Ole Smoky Moonshine To Donate Hand Sanitizer

Mattress manufacturer MLILY USA has donated 75 gallons of medical-grade hand sanitizer to three different hospital networks in Eastern Tennessee and in South Carolina to help healthcare workers in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like medical masks during this health crisis, hand sanitizer has come into short supply—through a partnership with Ole Smoky Moonshine distillery, MLILY has been able to offer this vital resource.

Ole Smoky Moonshine, another Tennessee-based company who has partnered with MLILY in the past for other philanthropic initiatives, recently shifted some of its production to manufacturing hand sanitizer made with 80-percent alcohol. The company delivered the sanitizer to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, a 152-bed pediatric care medical center located in Knoxville; nine-unit Covenant Health System in East Tennessee; and Anderson Memorial Hospital, a 461-bed medical center in Anderson, South Carolina, close to the company’s factory.

Each hospital was given 25 gallons of the hand sanitizer.

“We are in unprecedented times, and our healthcare workers are working on the front lines to help those impacted most. We’re fortunate to be able to supply them with the tools they need to remain healthy as they continue to heal those who are ill,” said Stephen Chen, president of MLILY USA. “In speaking with leaders in our community health systems, their immediate need was hand sanitizer, and our partner Ole Smoky had it packaged and ready to go.”

Giving back and supporting community is part of MLILY’s ethos. The company is an ongoing supporter of Special Spaces, a non-profit organization that transforms the bedrooms of terminally ill children, and earlier this year donated 200 mattresses and 200 pillows to help with tornado relief efforts in the state. The Nashville area was pummeled by multiple, deadly tornadoes that killed more than two dozen people.


About MLILY: MLILY USA is the North American mattress and pillow company of Rugao, China-based Healthcare Co., Ltd. Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, the company’s mattresses, pillows and sleep accessories are all manufactured in state-of-the-art factories located in China, Thailand, Serbia and Winnsboro, South Carolina, that span more than 6 million square feet. With products sold worldwide, MLILY also holds a unique global strategic partnership with Manchester United, the leading sports brand and popular soccer team located in the United Kingdom. As part of the partnership, MLILY provides the team’s training complex with mattresses and other sleep products.