MEGA Group USA Signs Exclusive Contract with XSENSOR to Supply REVEAL Technology

XSENSOR Technology Corporation announced today that they have signed an exclusive contract with MEGA Group USA to supply REVEAL mattress selection technology.

“We at XSENSOR look forward to a long and successful relationship with MEGA," commented Richard Brass, Senior Vice-President, Sleep North America. “MEGA is a very forward-thinking company and this contract will keep their retailers on the leading edge of sales technology and customer-centric.”

REVEAL is a mattress recommendation system created for retailers to help customers find the most comfortable and supportive mattress for their body. Manufacturers also use REVEAL to differentiate their products from competitors.

“We’re excited to announce the signing of this agreement with XSENSOR to be the exclusive vendor for this important sales technology," said Jerry Honea, Executive Vice President of MEGA Group USA. "At Mega, we believe in staying ahead of the curve with technology – it keeps us ultra-competitive -- and we know the REVEAL Mattress Recommendation System will help increase revenue for our retailers by providing our customers with an exceptional buying experience.”

REVEAL uses leading-edge pressure imaging technology to educate customers with a dynamic, high-resolution image of their body pressure measured on a mattress, showing pressure points that can be relieved with the correct selection of a mattress. This new approach to showing the comfort and support a mattress provides can help remove customer uncertainty and confusion. Customers are confident they have found the right mattress, which leads to faster decision-making and fewer returns.

The REVEAL system has helped retailers improve store performance by increasing their closing rates and margins, reducing their returns all while giving their clients an excellent shopping experience.

REVEAL’s highly accurate system boasts 1,664 sensing points per sensor. The technology is built for maximum flexibility and durability for all mattress retail environments and is backed by the XSENSOR Warranty and Support Guarantee.

REVEAL is available in several Kiosk systems and a mobile solution, with software to support each experience, enabling retailers to select the appropriate tools to best complement their sales process.

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About XSENSOR: Creating excellent products and satisfied customers is a top priority at XSENSOR. For over 20 years the organization has delivered innovative products that use pressure imaging technology to improve the comfort, safety and performance of surfaces. XSENSOR’s superior products ensure they are continually identified as a leader in the markets they serve, including the automotive, health care and sleep industries.

About MEGA Group USA: MEGA Group USA is an organization of retailers focused on delivering excellence in products and service. The group has expanded rapidly by supporting member needs with a broad business approach that includes group vendor programs, custom advertising and marketing services, consulting, store merchandising, essential business services programs, a "banner store" package, information technology support, and much more.