MEGA Group USA Executive Vice President Retires

Jim Sendrak, MEGA Group USA’s Executive Vice President of Consumer Electronics and Marketing has announced his retirement after four decades in the retail industry. Sendrak has been with the buying group 17 years.

Sendrak began his retail career with Lafayette Radio Electronics, starting with a part-time job during high school in the company's Long Island headquarters. Returning after college, he spent several years in the field managing stores on both coasts, later returning to Long Island to become Lafayette’s Audio Merchandise Manager. In the eighties, Sendrak held various merchandising positions with SILO in Philadelphia and later served as VP of Merchandising and Marketing in Denver. In the nineties he moved to the New England regional chain of appliance and TV stores, Bernie’s, holding similar positions.

In 2000, Sendrak joined MEGA Group and managed both the marketing and consumer electronics departments for many years. His merchandising expertise has helped thousands of independent retailers lead successful promotions and drive sales.

“Jim has been with us 17 years and during that time has helped MEGA Group USA become the industry leader we are today. We’re going to miss his involvement and expertise, and of course his unique sense of humor,” said Rick Bellows, President of MEGA Group USA.

When asked recently to reflect on his career, Sendrak remarked, “When I started in the business there was no video category and most televisions were made out of wood. It was mostly about stereo equipment and such. The business and the products were more like a hobby. I suppose that contributed to why I found it so enjoyable.”

Sendrak will continue to be active with MEGA Group USA in an advisory capacity through March 31, 2017 to help accommodate various transitions before he retires to enjoy other hobbies and interests.

“I hate the word retirement. I’d rather just think that I am quitting my job,” remarked Sendrak, exhibiting the humor that has been his trademark.

All-in-all, Sendrak has had a very successful and fulfilling career in the retail industry, and his contributions to the buying group and its members will not be forgotten.

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