Matrix Sleep Launches New Smart Mattress On Indiegogo

Matrix Sleep is unveiling a new smart mattress made with one-of-a-kind technology. Set to launch on Indiegogo on October 17, 2017, Matrix is the first mattress to use a technique called ballistocardiography to measure heart rate variability, in addition to breathing, movement, heart rate, stress, sleep quality and sleep cycles. The smart mattress comes with access to a sleek smartphone app where all the sleep and health stats will be stored.

Unlike traditional sleep trackers and wearables that rely solely on movement detection, Matrix offers greater accuracy by utilizing highly sensitive sensors that can detect the user's heartbeat through every layer of the twelve-inch mattress. Every night, the Matrix sensors deliver an in-depth analysis of sleep quality to allow the user to gauge how productive their day will be before they even roll out of bed.

Crafted from CertiPUR-US certified foam and made in the United States, Matrix uses copper-infused memory foam in an effort to regulate body temperature, relieve joint pain and promote better blood circulation. To further enhance the cooling properties of the mattress, Matrix is covered with a phase-changing fabric that is cool to the touch and moisture wicking.

The app's smart alarm feature is designed to eliminate the groggy feeling people experience when their traditional alarm goes off in the morning. Matrix tracks sleep cycles so it can wait for the user to enter a lighter phase of sleep before setting off the alarm, allowing users to wake feeling more rested.

"Every day our world is getting smarter and more connected," said Gabe Dungan, CEO and co-founder of Matrix. "With Matrix, your mattress will get smarter as the world gets smarter, while delivering uncompromising comfort night after night."

Matrix is an ideal option for a wide range of consumers, including performance athletes, those climbing the corporate ladder, artists, creators, technophiles and anyone looking to gain access to health vitals on a daily basis. Available in Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes, Matrix will be available to consumers at a price point that starts at $800 for a twin-sized mattress.

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About Matrix: The founders at Matrix have been innovators in the sleep space for over a decade. They have successfully forged partnerships to be able to produce high-quality American-made memory foam mattresses at the fairest price. Starting with top-of-the- bed products and moving into the bed-in-a-box space, the team starting exploring integrating cutting-edge Finnish sensor technology into mattresses in January 2015. Today, after nearly two years of research, development and testing, the team is ready to improve lives through smarter sleep with the launch of their first smart mattress.