Malouf’s OnWatch Training: Simple Tools To Save A Life

We recently took Malouf's OnWatch training and walked away with incredibly useful information that we wanted to share with you, our fellow sleep industry professionals.

Developed by the Malouf Foundation in collaboration with Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit with the mission to rescue children from sex trafficking, the training provides those who take it with the knowledge they need to detect when someone is being trafficked and to safely and effectively intervene.

Here are some of the reasons why we see this easy-to-access training as an essential tool for members of the bedding and mattress industry:

It only takes 45 minutes of your time.

In 45 minutes, you'll receive a primer on the signs that indicate someone may be a victim of trafficking—some of which might surprise you—as well as an understanding of safe ways to help someone in this situation. Through 10 short, harrowing but simple-to-understand videos, the training provides key insights into the human trafficking business as well as common behavior of both victims and perpetrators.

It's free to take.

The OnWatch training costs $0.00 to take and only requires a phone or a computer to complete, but it could ultimately prepare you to shift the course of another person's life. Yes, just one person (you) can actually help solve the widespread problem of human trafficking by simply taking the training then applying the information to your daily life. And that, in and of itself, is incredibly reassuring.

It provides valuable and actionable information.

Not only does OnWatch provide a bit of an overview of the problem of child sex trafficking and human trafficking in general, it also provides advice on what to do if you encounter someone who could be being trafficked. You can start using these practical tools immediately following completion of the training.

While you'll finish the training feeling a bit drained, you will also feel empowered to make a difference—and you'll be armed with the knowledge and resources to do so.

Admittedly, human trafficking is a deeply upsetting topic (all the more reason to get involved in the cause). Learning more about it will be, at times, hard to process and potentially triggering. However, you'll walk away knowing that you can make a change and empowered with the tools you need to help victims.

The Malouf Foundation has also made it simple for retailers to spread awareness within their own communities by providing the OnWatch Toolkit. This Toolkit delivers all the assets one could think of to inform the public of how pervasive human trafficking is and how they can help solve the problem. It's even meant to help retailers host awareness and training events. You don't have to be a Malouf retail partner to access any of these valuable tools or to take the training.

Whether you're managing a store, selling mattresses and bedding, or delivering mattresses to homes, you've likely experienced that sinking sensation when you witness something or someone that doesn't seem quite right. By taking the OnWatch training, you'll be able to discern if what you see and experience is an instance of human trafficking and take action.

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