Malouf Spearheads Effort to Bring Comfort to Utah Breast Cancer Patients

Using its pillow collection as a springboard, Malouf is again bringing comfort to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients during the year. This year, however, its reach has expanded to touch all breast cancer patients in Utah, projected at 1,500 people.

While a cure for cancer is the long-term goal, Malouf creates an immediate, personal solution to help patients in their community feel more comfortable and relaxed. As part of a large community event, Malouf employees and community members built 1,500 Malouf Comfort Kits—a package full of comfortable things.

“It is an incredibly rewarding project to be a part of,” said Jake Neeley, the comfort kit project organizer and Malouf employee. “We have an awesome group of highly engaged people who selflessly give their time, money and effort to help those diagnosed with breast cancer in our area. It’s inspiring to see this come to fruition and know that by offering our support, we can offer hope to someone who’s just been delivered difficult news.”

Malouf Comfort Kit - Jake Neeley Assembling KitThe comfort kit initiative was initially conceived in October, 2014 by Neeley and Sam Malouf, the CEO of Malouf. Shortly after Neeley’s aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer, Sam Malouf approached him with the desire to have the company involved in a charitable activity to help breast cancer patients. After much thought and planning, the Malouf Comfort Kit was born. In its first year, Malouf created 100 kits for newly diagnosed patients in its area.

Erin Neal, of Stone, Idaho, received a Malouf Comfort Kit after her diagnosis at Logan Regional Hospital a few months ago. Although her diagnosis came very unexpectedly, she said receiving the kit helped.

“Getting that box was a great distraction from everything that was going through my mind,” said Neal. “It was a great reminder that I was a person, not just a patient. There were people that recognized I was going through something difficult and they cared, even though they didn’t know me. When you feel sick and miserable, little comforts like a nice pillow or a comfy nightshirt make a huge difference in your outlook.”

The Malouf Comfort Kit includes a pillow from Malouf, pure lavender oil from Health Fusion, pajamas from Lazy One, socks from Altra, a meal from Modern Table, a bracelet from Reminderband and a few other things. However, Neeley says the crown jewel of the kits is a handwritten letter offering words of hope to the recipient.

“The whole purpose of the Malouf Comfort Kit is to offer hope and comfort so, although it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort, we decided early on to include a handwritten note,” Neeley said. “I will never forget the picture in my mind of many people sitting next to each other writing words straight from the heart to people they don’t even know. It inspires me to do more.”

Malouf plans to expand by utilizing its mattress and furniture retailer network. Store or company owners wanting to get involved with the Malouf Comfort Kit project may email Neeley directly. For more details about the Malouf Comfort Kit visit

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