Malouf Releases Ground-breaking, Biodegradable Seed-Infused Mattress

Today, April 1st, luxury sleep product provider Malouf, dropped the curtain to reveal one of the most significant innovations in sleep technology since sleep began—the Flower Bed. The Flower Bed is an organic, biodegradable mattress infused with natural botanical seeds and aromatherapy oils.

Malouf carefully crafted the Flower Bed of the finest materials. Its proprietary memory foam, called MrclFm (pronounced miracle foam), is not only supportive, but also plush to create the perfect cradling feeling. The foam is infused with carefully selected seeds and curing essential oils to enhance your sleep experience. Finally, the mattress is wrapped in a breathable Tencel cover. The Flower Bed smells like a bed of flowers and feels like a dream; it is truly like sleeping on a bed of flowers.

“Comfort is all fine and well, but we wanted to invent something truly innovative; ground breaking, so to speak,” said Hamilton Hyve, the chief product officer of Malouf. “We wanted to give back to our customers and give back to the earth. The most significant feature of the Flower Bed is that it actually becomes a flower bed.”

The FlowerBed comes pre-seeded with a hand-selected blend of flower seeds that are non-GMO to ensure enhanced beauty. MrclFm maintains homeostatic humidity perfect for seed germination.

Flower Bed enthusiast, Kimberly Champlin, agreed. “It would normally go against my principles to buy a new mattress this often, but I list my house on Airbnb and you just don’t know who’s been sleeping in your bed,” Champlin said. “Now, it doesn’t matter how ‘seedy’ a guest is. The Flower Bed is affordable; it’s comfortable; and it makes your yard look great.”

MrclFm is free from harmful chemicals and made from certified green materials that are all natural, post-consumer, compostable and 100 percent biodegradable. The Flower Bed solves the complex problems of getting rid of an old mattress and, instead of rotting in a landfill, it biodegrades naturally while beautifying your yard with flowers.Malouf Mattress - Flowed Bed Blooming on White“I dug the hole, dropped in the mattress and a few weeks later it was growing flowers,” said Milo Shane, a Flower Bed owner. “There is something beautiful about being able to enjoy the bed during its lifetime, and continue to enjoy it postmortem.”

The Flower Bed ships conveniently in a really large box. The outside of the box has the Flower Bed logo printed on it to make it easier to notice when customers post selfies to Snapchat with it.

The bed is also backed by a 100-night trail. If you don’t love it, you can plant it. Malouf will give customers a full refund if they plant the mattress within the first 100 nights. The Flower Bed is the only perfect, plantable mattress for everyone.

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About Malouf: Malouf has been innovating, manufacturing, and importing quality bedding products for over 12 years. Malouf’s product lines include Z pillows, WOVEN linens, STRUCTURES frames, SLEEP TITE protectors, and ISOLUS toppers. This comprehensive offering provides retail partners with the tools needed to enhance every mattress sale. Malouf now owns over one million square feet of warehousing space between the east and west coasts, allowing for streamlined shipping logistics and faster transit times.