Malouf Foundation Raises $100,000 To Fight Child Sex Trafficking

Utah-based bedding accessories maker Malouf held their annual Malouf Foundation Warehouse Sale on July 13 and 14 and raised over $100,000 for charity. Community members were invited to purchase items with shipping-damaged and outdated packaging to support the foundation and its efforts with over a dozen charities, local and worldwide. A large portion of the sales will directly benefit the Malouf Foundation’s banner cause, fighting child sex trafficking.

“As a company, giving and solving problems are part of our core values,” said CEO Sam Malouf. “The issue of child trafficking is one of those huge, horrifying problems that won’t go away without everyone’s help. We’re committed to doing what we can, and this is one more way to tackle the issue.”

The money raised from last year’s warehouse sale helped fund a highly anticipated Operation Underground Railroad mission, Operation Toussaint, in Haiti. Those donations funded critical intelligence gathering prior to the mission plus travel, meals, hotel stay, and transportation for the operatives to complete the operation and arrest one of Haiti’s most wanted traffickers. The funds were also used to purchase equipment needed to record the evidence and provide security for those involved.

This critical mission in Haiti has been made into a documentary showcasing the horror of human trafficking to help spread awareness and garner more support to fight this $99 billion annual industry. The Malouf Foundation is anxious to use the donations from the most recent sale to further work with Operation Underground Railroad and intensify the battle against child sex trafficking.

The Malouf Foundation is proud to have a 100 percent flow through of funds in all their charitable fundraising. This means, all proceeds from the warehouse sale and events like it go directly toward helping children and families in need.


About the Malouf Foundation: Founded in 2016 and based out of Logan, Utah, the Malouf Foundation is a registered nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to bringing comfort to community members by helping them fulfill basic needs during difficult times. The foundation works closely with local charities to provide comfort and care for abuse victims as well as support children and families in need. The foundation’s banner cause is to fight child sex trafficking and exploitation. Through key partners and its parent company, Malouf, the foundation gives 100 percent of its resources back to the people it serves.