Malouf Expands Charitable Vision with Creation of the Malouf Foundation

As part of a long-term vision of serving its community, Malouf is expanding its charitable work through the formation of the Malouf Foundation, a licensed 501c3 non-profit organization.

The mission of the foundation is to “bring comfort to community members by helping them fulfill basic needs during difficult times.” Its core focus on community and basic need drives its work and directs decisions on where to put its resources. Malouf will donate all administrative costs so the foundation can channel 100 percent of its funds and resources to the people it helps.

“Early on we decided we wanted to give back and create a culture of helping people in need,” said Sam Malouf, the founder and CEO of Malouf. “Now, with Malouf’s rapid growth rate, we needed to create the foundation to stay ahead and elevate our vision to something greater. Creating the foundation is just the beginning. As we keep growing, our aim is to turn this into something larger and a core focus of our work.”

Malouf Foundation Logo

By allocating more resources to furthering its contributions, the formation of the Malouf Foundation elevates the company’s long history of charity. This culture of giving began with its founders, Sam and Kacie Malouf who created the company while in college.

“Shortly after we started Malouf, I remember hearing about the needs at our local shelter and thinking, ‘We have something that could help!’” said Kacie Malouf. “We continue to help them and do what we can when someone comes to us or we learn of a need.”

Since then, Malouf’s charitable efforts have included charitable organizations and projects that support foster children, the homeless, individuals with terminal illnesses, autistic children, displaced families and many more.

Sam and Kacie Malouf lead the Malouf Foundation as president and vice president. Its other board members include Preston Frischknecht, Malouf’s general council; Emily Bunnell, creative director; Jared Erickson, CFO; Brian Child, CIO; and Jake Neeley, communications director. Each will maintain their role with the company and bring their skills to benefit the foundation. In addition, many of Malouf’s employees volunteer.

“Everyone deserves comfort but especially when going through hardship,” said Sam Malouf. “We want to make sure those experiencing tough times know that someone cares and wants to help. In addition, we recognize the power of helping others in our own lives; it’s a win-win. With our partners we’re committed to make a difference in strengthening the communities where we live and work.”

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