Latexco Announces New U.S. CEO

Pictured left-to-right: Ben Ducatteeuw, Luc Maes & Vincent Gesquiere

The Latexco Board of directors is delighted to announce the appointment of Ben Ducatteeuw as CEO of Latexco US, effective January 2, 2017.

Ducatteeuw brings the experience to meet new challenges through a proven record of operational leadership, strategy development, customer service, team building, financial management and relationship management. As managing director for the Deslee-Clama innovation center for the last five years, he had corporate oversight of sales and innovations within the mattress ticking industry. With a career in the bedding industry of over 15 years, Ducatteeuw has also held sales leadership positions within sales and marketing with Deslee-Clama.

Together with COO Bob Carstens, Ducatteeuw will be critical in managing operational effectiveness, furthering growing the Latexco US success story.

As Latexco US moves forward with this new CEO, the company extends a special thank you  to Vincent Gesquiere, a driving force behind the strategic choices, who has been leading US activities since the start, growing the business over the past decade. Gesquiere will move back to Belgium after transitioning the executive leadership to Ducatteeuw.

Since its first Latex production in Lavonia Georgia over ten years ago, Latexco US has steadily grown with its base of quality customers in both products and sales. The solid reputation on latex along with the strong focus on the development of specific technical PU foams (Comfort layers of FOM) has proven to be successful. This new leadership at  Latexco begins a very exciting new phase of the company's journey of growth and development.

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About Latexco: Latexco is a family business that has been developing latex and technical PU foams for the bedding industry for over 60 years. The company has come a long way in that time, starting as a small family business in Tielt, Belgium, to becoming a business with a global presence. Today Latexco employs over 600 people worldwide, but the entrepreneurial spirit from the early days has never disappeared, resulting in a worldwide business that retains its core values of commitment, respect and trust.