Latex International Becomes “Talalay Global”

Talalay GlobalFollowing recent announcements regarding its re-organization, Latex Foam International Holdings, Inc. will change its name to better reflect “who we really are.” The company stated that Talalay Global redefines the organization and better reflects its position as a worldwide leader in premium Talalay products. As part of this rebranding initiative the company will unveil a new tag line, logo and advertising campaign at the upcoming Winter Las Vegas Market.

“We are the only company in North America, and the largest one, of only two sophisticated manufacturers globally, that produce Talalay – which is the finest component that is used to manufacture luxury sleep products,” explained Talalay Global President and CEO David Fisher. “Over the past few months, we have intensified our focus on exactly who we are, and what our customers already know. We are Talalay, we are a luxury product, and we are ‘purely the best.’ Our name and marketing will clearly send this message to the world going forward.”

The company’s new logo features a warm burgundy and beige color palette. Its tagline “purely the best” emphasizes the purity of Talalay and reinforces its category leadership. Talalay Global will highlight its rebranding during the Las Vegas Market with advertisements, billboards and signage throughout the complex. A new website and point-of-purchase material will be unveiled at the company’s market showroom.

“Our research showed our new name and theme resonated extraordinarily well. The feedback we received from customers, employees and vendors was overwhelming,” said Ken Hinman, Talalay Global Executive Vice President of Component and Direct-to-Retail Sales. “It differentiates us from the many other producers of Latex and other less sophisticated manufactures.”

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About Talalay Global: Founded in 1975, Talalay Global is the world’s largest manufacturer of latex mattresses and pillows, sold under many leading brand names through strategic business partners. Talalay Latex sleep products offer unsurpassed durability and levels of weightless comfort. More than 200 employees produce mattress cores, toppers and pillow buns utilizing both the Talalay and Dunlop manufacturing processes. Talalay Global manufactures latex in Shelton, CT and manages over 10 distribution and fabrication centers throughout the world.