KYMDAN Receives Environmental Claim Validations

KYMDAN America, Inc., a subsidiary of SAIGON KYMDAN RUBBER STOCK COMPANY, a family-owned natural latex mattress and pillow business since 1954, has received two Environmental Claim Validations (ECV) from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for its natural latex mattresses validating that the latex is both bacterial and fungal resistant. UL granted both Bacterial Resistance validation and Fungal Resistance validation on July 31, 2017.

KYMDAN; UL ValidationKYMDAN; UL Validation









“Many latex rubber mattress manufacturers and marketers make claims about bacterial and fungal resistant properties,” says KYMDAN America, Inc. Executive Secretary Qui Tran. “However we are the only brand in the mattress and bedding industry to receive this Environmental Claims Validation. We do not simply make what are commonly accepted claims about our latex; we subjected our latex mattress materials to UL testing and received formal validation supporting our bacterial and fungal resistant claims for our latex rubber materials.”

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About KYMDAN: Saigon KYMDAN’ Rubber Stock Company has a large 1,164,000 square-foot production factory, which boasts state-of-the-art automation with a fully equipped research and testing laboratory, as well as a textile and furniture production factory. Combining innovative technology and extensive research by in-house and Japanese specialists, the company’s latex products deliver optimal support and outstanding comfort. Seeing the great health benefits that KYMDAN’s products provide, along with the company’s 15 outstanding features (see 15 Outstanding Features), Dr. Rodney Rowe (a certified Osteopath from Australia) highly recommends KYMDAN latex products as a healthy choice for healthful living.