Kingsdown Debuts First bedMATCH System in South Korea

Kingsdown, Inc has partnered with licensee Navijam, Inc. to debut the first bedMATCH system in South Korea. As one of the largest U.S. manufacturers selling products in Asia, Kingsdown plans to use this program launch as a starting point for further bedMATCH systems, Kingsdown and Sleep to Live bedding products throughout the region.

Located in Songdo, South Korea, the store is the first in the country to feature the patented bedMATCH diagnostic system to enhance the way consumers shop for mattresses. Using 18 statistical measurements along with thousands of calculations, bedMATCH assists the customer in determining the best mattress option for their specific body type. The majority of the Sleep to Live mattresses on the store’s showroom floor are made in South Korea with additional products being imported from the United States. In addition to this location, Kingsdown is set to open 60 additional bedMATCH/My Side locations throughout Asia in 2016.

“Looking to grow our brand in Asia, we are confident that South Korea is the right location due to their focus on advancements in technology, product quality and styling,” said Kingsdown President and CEO Frank Hood. “As Kingsdown continues to expand we have seen great success and growth abroad through our innovations in sleep technology. We have also found a partner that not only believes in our product but also shares our company’s vision of providing retailers and their consumers with high quality products from an internationally respected brand.”

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About Kingsdown, Inc.: Founded in 1904 and headquartered in Mebane, North Carolina, Kingsdown is a manufacturer of premium mattress systems serving leading retailers across the United States and more than 20 countries.  Each product is manufactured using handcrafted techniques combined with state-of-the-art research, materials and equipment. Research and development, training and distribution facilities, as well as two manufacturing facilities, are also headquartered in Mebane.  International offices are located in Tokyo, Japan and Melbourne, Australia. Additional manufacturing and distribution centers are located in Waco, TX; Winchester; Lakeland, FL; Stockton, CA; Tuscany, Italy; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Sereban, Malaysia; Jakarta, Indonesia; Shenzhen, China; Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, Australia.

About Navijam: Navijam, founded in 2011, is a top mattress manufacturer in South Korea and the largest mattress supplier of rental mattresses in the country. The company focuses and prides itself on its customizing system, quality management, high-quality warranty service, fully automatic manufacturing system with state of the art equipment and its nationwide network.  The company sets to open directly operated retail stores in 45 major furniture districts in South Korea, collaborating with two major department store brands, operating a total of 44 major department stores nationwide.