Jury Awards Reverie Multi-Million Dollar Verdict in Lawsuit

A Massachusetts jury awarded Reverie a multi-million dollar verdict against Ruoey Lung Enterprise Corp. of Taiwan. Ruoey Lung manufactures adjustable bases for several U.S. brands such as Tempur-pedic, Sealy, Rize and Customatic. The jury also found that Ruoey Lung owes Reverie a percentage of any future sales of its adjustable bed products into North America through part of 2015.

The court is expected to issue an additional ruling that may significantly increase the size of the award.

Reverie filed suit against Ruoey Lung in U.S. District Court in Boston to recover damages and monies owed dating back to 2009.

“Reverie has invested millions of dollars over the years in marketing efforts to promote adjustable beds, as well as cutting edge design and technology that have made our brand the leading adjustable base manufacturer in the industry. We are glad that a jury recognized the validity of our thought-leadership and sought to award us that which was rightly owed,” said Reverie President and CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan.

“With the rising popularity of adjustable bases and the growing consumer trend of customization in their sleep products, there are many companies looking to enter our space, but there is only one Reverie. Consumers and dealers who carry our products can rest assured that we will carefully guard the integrity of our designs and technologies, as well as the contracts we have with our vendors to protect our customers’ investments in our products,” he added.

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About Reverie: Reverie is a leading manufacturer of innovative adjustable beds, mattresses and pillows to the trade and direct to consumers. The company’s sales and marketing headquarters is located in Michigan while its production, distribution and customer service facilities are based in New York. Reverie manufactures select products in the U.S. and continues to be a cutting-edge leader and innovator in the sleep products industry.