Jersey Shore Steel Takes Steps to Achieve a “Carbon Negative” Footprint

Jersey Shore Steel’s decade long process of “greening” its operations and the rolling division’s “negative carbon footprint,” may make it the world’s “greenest” steel mill. While many elements go into sustainable manufacturing, the company cites two big contributors to achieving the negative carbon footprint evaluation: Jersey Shore Steel’s 100% recycled feedstock and its alternative fuel source.

The company recycles used railroad track, reheating and re-rolling it into high strength steel for other uses. This 100% post-consumer recycled content is reheated in a furnace powered by methane from a nearby municipal landfill – converting a potent greenhouse gas into an alternative energy source and virtually eliminating the furnace’s need for fossil fuels.

“We are honored that as a relatively focused niche provider to the sleep products and home furnishings arena, we have been given the opportunity to offer a vision and to provide leadership to the entire steel manufacturing and fabrication industry,” said JSS Vice President of Sales Tom Tillman. “Eco-consciousness and performance vary widely and companies must also deal with government and regulatory forces. While not every steel company has access to landfill gas, creative thinking and continuous improvement will take the worldwide steel industry toward green excellence.

“Equally as important,” stated Tillman, “is that this can be achieved while still producing superior quality steel products that perform at the highest levels.” The steel industry as a whole has a high percentage of recycled content, with United States companies achieving very high levels of recycling.

Jersey Shore Steel Company provides a green alternative to other steel and even wood, while its steel’s strength supports today’s heavier mattress sets and motion furniture sectionals with less deflection and movement than other steel. This protects consumers’ investment in furniture and helps protect warranty coverage and avoid returns.

“Genuine green steel from Jersey Shore Steel and the products in which it is used are made in the U.S.A., so customers and consumers are helping sustain American jobs, as well as the environment,” Tillman said.

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About Jersey Shore Steel: Based in Pennsylvania, Jersey Shore Steel is the maker of high strength, high carbon steel used in bedding support and furniture made by leading manufacturers.