Jamison Introduces New Mission

BRENTWOOD, TN—Jamison Bedding is coming to High Point with a new brand strategy and position—it’s first in many decades—that will serve as the umbrella under which the128-year-old producer and its products will be made, marketed and viewed going forward.

The re-positioning of the iconic Jamison company and brand comes on the heels of an 18-month period that involved management change, self-study, market analysis and strategic planning.

Jamison officially will re-introduce itself to retailers in High Point and to the marketplace at large as a mattress company—now remade—with new brands and trendy, fresh product designs that honor its longtime quality ethic, but demonstrate a real and superior value difference.

“Our new strategic mission and brand position, ‘We Make Sleep Different,’ is how we plan to express this critical redefinition,” explained Ken Hinman, senior vice president of sales and marketing.

“The ‘We’ in our brand statement is key because it reflects the commitment of every Jamison employee—not just of management—to this new direction,” he said. “And to maintain that we make sleep ‘Different’ reinforces the fact that doing business with Jamison today differs dramatically from the past because we are now a significantly different company.”

Commenting on his family firm’s evolution toward this new vision, president and CEO Frank Gorrell emphasized that “our products are unique and exciting, and retailers will discover that the Jamison brand is extremely market-competitive.

“But we’re also proud to say that the quality components we’ve always used in our mattresses and the quality measures we’ve taken to build them have not and will not change,” Gorrell added. “That’s the real value that we want to demonstrate to current customers and to new retailers interested in the new Jamison.”

In the first public presentation of its company and brand transition, Jamison will launch at market three major product initiatives: a Gel Comfort™ collection featuring first use in the industry of an exclusive gel-visco foam blend; a new, European-look Talalatex Conformer™ line with articulated bases, and a completely re-designed Vita Pedic® collection described as “the next generation in two-sided sleep.” (see separate product stories)

“Every Jamison product has been re-invented or changed in significant ways,” Hinman noted. But he stipulated that “price is not the key component of what we’ve created here. Rather, it’s tremendous value for the dollar based on quality that the retailer and consumer can always rely upon.”

The complete market presentation, for which Jamison has transformed its showroom into a modern retail environment, also will include new marketing and point-of-purchase materials, brochures, bed dressings and labels, and other key support pieces that have been re-imaged to reflect and reinforce the new “We Make Sleep Different” position.

For more information visit: www.jamisonbedding.com.

About Jamison Bedding: Located in showroom M615 in the IHFC, Jamison Bedding operates two mattress factories in Gallatin, TN and Albany, GA, serving more than 400 retailers in the southeast U.S. and major hotels and resorts worldwide.

Making and marketing its own mattress brands, Jamison is also the exclusive producer of Hypnos®-branded products, licensed by Hypnos Ltd. of Buckinghamshire, England. Hypnos is the exclusive supplier of mattresses and upholstered furniture to the British Crown.