ISPA Reports Slow December Sales Amid Overall Increases in 2012

While December mattress sales lagged, end of year numbers are looking up as the bedding industry as a whole saw positive increases in overall sales for 2012.

This is according to the International Sleep Products Association’s December Bedding Barometer, which presents an early look at the industry’s year-long performance. These are tentative predictions, though, representative of a sample size of 18 bedding producers. This group makes up 66% of the total bedding industry unites and 76% of the wholesale dollar value of bedding shipments in 2011. A comprehensive industry report will not be finalized for a few months.

This report revealed that the month of December saw declines across the board for the industry, with total unit sales declining by 5.9%. Innerspring mattress unit sales were down by 5.4%, specialty mattress unit sales by 2.2%. Compared with the December 2011, sales of foundations dropped by 7%. Unit value decreased as well with the dollar value of innerspring mattresses declining by 3%, the dollar value of specialty mattresses decreasing by 5.6%, and bedding shipments by 6.4%. Bedding accessories also struggled: sales of foundations dropped by 7% as the industry saw a 16.3% decline in their dollar value. The average unit price dipped to $251.92, a .5% decrease from 2011.

As a whole, though, 2012 brought in positive numbers for the industry, with some of the strongest increases coming in during the 4th Quarter and the end of 2012, despite the slow December.

Innerspring mattress units increased by 5.9% in sales and 12.7% in dollar value in the 4th Quarter, with an average unit price increasing by 6.5%. Specialty mattress sales grew by 4.3%, while their dollar value and average unit decreased by 1.1% and 5.1% respectively.

The total year-long numbers were also solid. Innerspring mattress sales rose with a higher price point while specialty sleep mattress sales increased as their price dropped. Innerspring mattresses garnered a 4.6% increase in unit sales at an average unit price of $251.92 (a 5.5% increase over 2011’s numbers). Specialty sleep mattresses saw the highest increase in unit sales, soaring by 24.7%, but dipped by 3.3% in price, averaging $767.53 per unit. Despite this, both mattress categories increased in dollar value: the innerspring mattress by 10.3% and the specialty mattress by 20.6%. The overall average unit price for the entire industry increased by 3.9% to $215.92.

A positive 4th quarter, coupled with the National Retail Federation’s forecasted 3.4% increase in retail sales, means that the bedding industry could see even more growth in 2013.

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About the International Sleep Products Association: Established in 1915, the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the growth, profitability and stature of the mattress industry.  As the industry’s trade organization, ISPA represents nearly 700 mattress manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world.