Innovative Mattress Solutions Sees Higher Margins With Dormeo Octaspring

Six months ago Dormeo Octaspring® placed four of its most popular models into 150 Innovative Mattress Solutions (IMS) Sleep Outfitters locations. Since the launch, IMS has quickly become one of the most predominant Octaspring retailers in the United States. Sleep Outfitters has begun branding store locations as a destination point for consumers looking to see the unique Octaspring product.

“Dormeo Octaspring has been a product differentiator for IMS helping us drive higher average tickets and margins,” said IMS President and CEO Kim Knopf. “Our RSAs immediately embraced the brand because its unique and distinctive design easily competes in a sea of sameness. Sales for the product have been steady since its introduction and we anticipate continued growth into the New Year.”

With unique and distinctive design, the Octaspring is a high-tech memory foam spring: a breathable honeycomb structure with eight sides that allows movement in all directions while providing the support, comfort and ventilation needed for a restful night’s sleep. The memory foam springs of differing strengths and resistance levels work in harmony to create perfect cradling support for the body while the product’s ventilation system provides constant airflow. The mattresses offer a choice of firmness by using one to three layers of Octasprings zoned to provide the optimum levels of support where the body needs it most.

“In the national retail landscape, IMS is exactly the kind of retailer we wanted to carry the Dormeo Octaspring brand. Because of its strong sales training program, IMS RSAs know how to sell better bedding,” said Dormeo Octaspring President North American Retail Chris Henning.

Dormeo Octaspring recently announced it successfully completed its national retail rollout strategy placing products in 24 of the top dealers in the country. Because of the company’s robust national advertising effort the added distribution provides consumers the opportunity to go to regional retailers to experience and purchase the product.

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About Dormeo Octaspring: For more than 10 years, Dormeo has been a leading mattress brand in Europe and Asia. Making its North American debut as Dormeo Octaspring in 2012, the company introduced its patented Octaspring to the U.S. market. A breakthrough in mattress technology, the Octaspring's individual memory foam springs work together to form the core of the revolutionary Octaspring mattress. With its U.S. showroom and distribution center in Plano, TX, Dormeo Octaspring is part of Studio Moderna Group, a leading European multi-channel direct marketing company. The company will be supporting its retail partners in the U.S. through a multi-million dollar television advertising program in 2013. Dormeo Octaspring is making a strong commitment to consumer advertising to drive traffic to its dealers.