InnoMax Expands Eco-Friendly Offerings

InnoMax is moving forward with the mattress content disclosures of their eco-friendly and organic sleep system components. In 2012, InnoMax, in conjunction with the efforts of the Specialty Sleep Association and, introduced the “first of its kind” Air Cell. The Air Cell was reviewed by third party organizations and given the registrations necessary to qualify for the SSA Environmental and Safety Seal in addition to being registered in Bedfax.

In recent years, consumers have experienced green-washing with some mattress companies making unsubstantiated claims concerning natural, “green”, or organic products. The InnoMax Air Cell is registered under the SSA Environmental and Safety program. This product was met with increasing marketplace demand based on trust in the company’s environmental claims. In addition to offering comfort and support, the Air Cell is environmentally friendly. Its position in the marketplace has shown that consumers are willing to pay a higher price to receive a quality, substantiated earth-friendly product.

Since the successful introduction of the Air Cell, InnoMax has introduced the Nouveau, thus building on a solid product line and meeting the demands of an ever larger segment of the marketplace. The Nouveau, like the Air Cell, meets the qualifications of displaying the contents label required by the SSA Environmental and Safety Program, while at the same time it is positioned to hit popular retail price points.

Today’s consumers are demanding a greater commitment to environmental awareness from product manufacturers. The sleep products industry is, therefore, showing greater responsibility toward protecting natural resources and improving the collective and individual environment. Along with this commitment, InnoMax believes the consumer must be able to trust the integrity of the products and services they buy. Through product transparency and product quality, InnoMax believes they have delivered on both promises.

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