Innocor Foam Technologies Introduces New Brand and Technologies at 2016 ISPA Expo

Innocor Foam Technologies will formally introduce itself to the sleep products industry at the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) Expo. The introduction is a final piece in the integration of leading foam manufacturers Sleep Innovations, Inc. and Flexible Foam Products, Inc., who merged in 2014 to create Innocor, Inc. The Innocor Foam Technologies division serves OEM customers, has over 45 years of foam solutions experience and operates twenty-two manufacturing facilities across the U.S.

Innocor Foam Technologies is also launching an exciting new technology platform at the 2016 ISPA Expo. EVERcor Memory Foam is a unique viscoelastic foam technology platform that enables foam stability across a wide range of temperatures and climates. These attributes ensure the material is compressible in a broad range of temperatures, which is ideal for roll-packing and pack-in-a-box applications.

“In colder, drier seasons, traditional viscoelastic foams can stiffen – which elicits a negative perception in many consumers.  This issue also presents various production challenges to manufacturers,” said Innocor VP, Marketing, Gary Reach. “We have solved these problems with EVERcor Memory Foam, which maintains its plush, comfortable feel in a broad range of temperatures and humidity levels – this translates to increased customer satisfaction, fewer returns and improved manufacturability.”

The company is introducing a total of four memory foam products under the EVERcor brand. The products include EVERcor Gel, EVERcor GelPlus, EVERcor Therma and EVERcor C₆.

  • EVERcor Gel offers a cool and refreshing sleep experience, as the gel-infused viscoelastic foam wicks heat away from the body and maintains a cool surface.
  • EVERcor™ GelPlus contains gel beads throughout its open cells, enabling a cool surface and an enhanced ability to evenly distribute body weight.
  • With EVERcor Therma, you can offer your customers a conductive air flow that preserves the ideal sleep temperature of 87° to 90°F (30-32°C).
  • Lastly, EVERcor C₆ has an open cell structure for enhanced breathability, while the integrated graphene boasts thermal conductivity that is up to ten thousand times more effective than traditional foam.

Innocor Foam Technologies is also launching two specialty foams at the 2016 ISPA Expo: HYPERcor High Resilience and LURAcor Latex Alternative. HYPERcor High Resilience is flexible polyurethane foam that enables greater surface resilience than traditional viscoelastic foams. LURAcor Latex Alternative bounces back to its original shape every time, while delivering excellent pressure point relief.

"We are excited to exhibit for the first time as Innocor Foam Technologies but know our customers will appreciate the same team and service they have come to rely on over the decades,” remarked Innocor President & CEO, Carol Eicher.

All EVERcor Memory Foam products will be previewed at the Innocor Foam Technologies booth at the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) Expo in Orlando, from March 9-12, 2016.

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About Innocor Foam Technologies: Innocor Foam Technologies is a leading manufacturer and supplier of superior foam solutions for the bedding, furniture, industrial, medical, recreational, packaging and transportation industries.  Dedicated to the research and development of new technology, and offering over 45 years of expertise, the company offers a broad range of conventional and specialty polyurethane foams manufactured to offer breakthrough comfort, support and quality for a wide array of applications.