ICL Drives Transition to Sustainable Flame Retardants

ICL-Industrial Products America, Inc. is increasing efforts to promote the transition to sustainable flame retardant alternatives which provide greater safeguards for human health and the environment than the most widely used products today.

“ICL-IP’s increased emphasis on these innovative and sustainable products underscores our conviction that the use of flame retardants in flexible polyurethane foam components of upholstered furniture promotes public fire safety in a sustainable manner,” said Greg Symes, global polyurethane business manager, ICL-IP America. “Our newest flame retardant products for upholstered furniture, Fyrol® HF-9 and Fyrol® HF-10 are unique phosphorous chemistries that resist combustion as well as traditional halogen-based materials. These products are better suited to market needs and meet global health and environmental standards.”

Symes noted that recent comments in print and broadcast media inaccurately characterized flame retardants in flexible polyurethane foam in upholstered furniture as ineffective. He cited National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) statistics that civilian deaths from home fires that started in upholstered furniture have declined by 61 percent and the number of furniture-related home fires has declined by 77 percent during the past 30 years, reflecting the benefit of flame retardants which became standard in the furniture industry in that period.

ICL-IP believes a single fire death is one too many and remains committed to using sustainable chemistry and fire science to create new flame retardants required to meet greater fire safety challenges across the spectrum of consumer goods.

ICL-IP continues to be a technology leader with innovations that include bedding, upholstered furniture and rigid polyurethane for thermal insulation. Since 2005, ICL-IP has developed and commercialized more than 10 new non-halogen and halogen-containing flame retardants with the intent of offering foam and furniture manufacturers a new, sustainable way to protect their products and customers from fire while safeguarding human health and the environment with products that meet the rigorous human health and ecological requirements of the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) enforced by the EPA.

For more information, visit www.icl-ip.com.

About ICL: ICL is one of the world’s leading fertilizer and specialty chemical companies. ICL’s Industrial Products segment is a leading global manufacturer of flame retardants and a major player in specialty chemical markets. ICL-IP’s commitment to Sustainable development and social responsibility is shaped by its strict interpretation of the chemical industry’s principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Responsible Care. ICL-IP’s CSR initiatives are aimed at protecting the safety, health and security of its employees; assuring full compliance with all environmental regulations and standards; reducing the environmental impact of its operations; preparing for emergencies; managing products throughout the product life cycle; and conducting business in a transparent and accountable manner.