Highlights from Winter 2012 Las Vegas Market

The prevalent theme throughout the energetic and exciting Las Vegas Market was differentiation. Manufacturers presented unique ways to distinguish themselves from the competition therefore offering retailers more choices and more ways to reach consumers. Here you will find our highlights from the Winter 2012 Las Vegas Market.

Change was immediately noticeable upon entering Anatomic Global’s showroom. From the bright blue walls and foam accessories, it was clear the manufacturer’s new owner, FXI, has big plans to grow the brand.

Boyd Specialty Sleeps’ manually adjustable base opens the adjustable category to a larger market with its lower price point and ability to be delivered via UPS.

Classic Brand’s unveiled their new Posture Cloud mattress and pillow collection. With mattress profiles of 12, 11, and 9 inches, retailers can offer their customers three different feels.

Partnering with Dr. Breus, Comfort Solutions ’ takes their new Never Stop Dreaming brand campaign to an even higher level, offering a brand created by the acclaimed Sleep Doctor.

Comfortaire’s use of new, and unique, air technologies to differentiate its mattresses from the competition offering an even more individualized night’s sleep.

E.S. Kluft/Aireloom debuted “airegelle” in its fast growing A3 mattress line. This entrance into the gel category offers retailers the opportunity to present gel at the luxury level atop, latex or innersprings.

enso’s zipper duvet topper, with chopped foam pumped into each individual duvet pocket, offers consumers high quality comfort and retailers high margins.

Colorado-based, eRest Mattresses enters the market with their organic mattress collection. The collection includes three separate layers of natural latex with split sides for adjustable, partner specific comfort.

Ergomotion’s success in the adjustable base category is impressive. From their partnership with Serta and the iComfort base to their work with Simmons on the NuFlex™ Foundation, the company is proving itself as an innovative partner.

The launch of Fabrictech’s PureCare Plush Pillow Collection was a big success! We expect the company’s corresponding Facebook campaign to keep the buzz going.

Kingsdown added four new impressive beds to their popular MySide collection now offering retailers a variety of combinations including innersprings, visco foam, latex, and gel.

Continuing it’s expansion here in the states, Magniflex opened a new showroom and announced a partnership with Kingsdown offering the Italian manufacturer the ability to pair its luxury mattresses with the Kingsdown BedMatch technology.

NaturaWorld has a renewed financial footing and has chosen to unveil an updated NexGel mattress collection.

The OMI mattress collection offers retailers choices in natural, luxurious latex mattresses that happen to also be organic.

Hoping to expand the popularity of the Pure LatexBLISS brand, the company is now offering retailers more graphic options to strengthen their position on the sales floor. They have also developed a number of entertaining commercials.

Reverie’s latest technology—syncing the adjustable base to the consumer’s tablet—is convenient for the consumer and touches on the company’s mission of “supplying the consumer with products they need and want.”

Sealy jumped into the gel arena by introducing their new Optimum by PosterPedic gel mattress collection. The collection will be supported by the popular, “Whatever You Do In Bed, Sealy Supports it” marketing campaign.

Serta’s introduced iSeries technology in its successful Trump and Perfect Day mattress collections. The iSeries technology results in a sleep system with intelligent cradling and cooling comfort plus exceptional individual support.

Simmons Bedding Company unveiled a new recharged brand campaign and surprised the industry by putting the recognizable Beautyrest name ahead. Standing behind the Beautryrest line, Simmons unveiled new logos, new mattresses, and a new Recharge hybrid collection.

Sleep & Beyond’s new organic wool comforter and pillow collection offerings are now even more consumer-friendly with the inclusion of washable wools.

Spring Air’s Breathe Collection is the first certified ‘Asthma & Allergy Friendly’ mattress. With more than 70 million asthma and allergy sufferers, we’re certain other manufacturers will be reaching out to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America in hopes of getting their mattresses certified too.

Temper-Pedic revealed a new, less expensive and more budget-friendly collection designed to make the top brand’s mattresses accessible to more consumers.

Therapedic International introduced the EcoGel mattress and reports it sleeps 30% cooler than other gel mattresses due to the impressive amount of gel within the mattress.

VI-Spring’s impressive heritage and stacked coil system make it easy to see why this English manufacturer continues to have a big impact on the luxury category here in the States.

Wright of Thomasville continues to provide manufacturers and retailers inventive ways to showcase their products. The company’s new iPad technology console offers retailers a means of creating a unique user experience their showroom floor.