Hickory Springs Hires New General Counsel As Trimble Retires

Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company, one of the nation’s largest integrated manufacturers and an international supplier of components for the furniture and bedding industries, announced that it has hired John Mayo as its new general counsel. He will replace Blake Trimble, who is retiring at the end of this month.

Mr. Trimble has helped guide Hickory Springs and its management throughout his 13 years with the company. “Blake’s guidance, opinion and diverse legal experience have made him a trusted and well respected part of our team,” said David Colburn, President/CEO of Hickory Springs. “He has been a mentor, leader, teacher and valued friend to us all and will certainly be missed.”

John Mayo will begin immediately as the company’s new general counsel. Mr. Mayo has been previously employed with other manufacturing companies including Coltec Industries, Goodrich Corporation, and Enpro Industries. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado and his law degree from Arizona State University. Mayo and Trimble will work together throughout the transition over the next few weeks as Mayo becomes more familiar with the company and its ongoing legal projects.

“While we will all miss Blake, I am very pleased to welcome John Mayo,” Colburn said. “John is a seasoned general counsel who we all feel sure will continue and expand on the fine representation and sound guidance that Blake brought to Hickory Springs throughout his 13 years of service to the company.”

For more information, visit www.hickorysprings.com.

About Hickory Springs: One of North Carolina’s largest employers, Hickory Springs is a privately held company based in Hickory, North Carolina, with more than 50 manufacturing plants in 16 states and China. In addition to its core business in home furnishings, the company also serves a growing range of customers in the transportation, healthcare, packaging, and government markets.