Gold Bond Focuses on Independent Retailers

Business is up more than 20 percent this year for Gold Bond, as an increasing number of independent retailers are turning to the brand to differentiate their retail floors from their competition.

According to Gold Bond, more independent retailers are asking for solutions because they are increasingly getting less product choice, service and profit opportunity from national mattress brands who are giving their larger department store and sleep shop chains “the first cut of the litter,” and then indifferently offering what is left to smaller retailers.

In response, more than a year ago, Gold Bond embarked on an initiative to add new SKUs, redesign some of its best selling product and enhance its point-of-purchase material to help independent retailers. For example, the manufacturer added new specialty sleep mattress lines and introduced more premium product to reach the luxury consumer. The brand is also one of the few manufacturers to still offer a full line of two-sided mattresses that are still popular with many consumers.

“In an industry where the independent retailer is often overlooked, we are laser-focused on servicing them. These retailers, our customers, are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the big sleep chains and enhance their margins. They come to us because they know we make high quality products designed with smaller, independent stores in mind,” said Gold Bond President Robert Naboicheck. “However, we excel at retailer relations because an owner-operator appreciates the uniqueness and quality of our product and knows that is what drives consumers to their stores.”

Naboicheck says that consumers know that when shopping at a big chain store they will see the “S” brands prominently and very little of anything else. However, a consumer who shops at a smaller retail store will see a diverse range of specialty sleep products and brand names at reasonable prices that will satisfy their sleep needs.

“Our business thrives because consumers know they can trust in our products. We get a level of service from an independent manufacturer like Gold Bond that is unmatched from any of the bigger brands. Gold Bond is one of the few companies that still makes two-sided mattresses which we see high demand for,” said Terri Long, owner of Longs Bedding in New York City. “Consumers come to us because they know we scour the industry for the best quality product, not just a name that will sell and a company like Gold Bond makes a better product for the money.”

“Not everyone wants what everyone else has. We provide our customers with the ability to show and sell products that are different from their sleep chain competitors while helping to grow their profit margins,” Naboicheck added.

“By nature, independent retailers are unique and tough. We're alive and well because we work hard, we give more for less, and we listen to our customers to make sure we're meeting their needs. Our company has partnered with Gold Bond for over a decade - we look to their expertise and rigorous standards to deliver old fashioned quality, innovative technology, and a mattress that stands the test of time. Just as I'm always available for my own customers, Gold Bond is there for me when I need them: a family member answering the phone after hours, superior industry training for my staff, and involving me in new product development,” added Tara Farrell of Wendell’s Vermont Bed Store.

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About Gold Bond: Founded in 1899, Gold Bond is one of the nation’s largest family-operated independent mattress, specialty sleep and futon manufacturers. The company is a leader in mattress manufacturing techniques and more than a century of experience bringing product innovations, high manufacturing standards and executive leadership to the industry. Handcrafted in Connecticut with the majority of the raw material made in America, Gold Bond products incorporate the latest comfort technologies in their futons and mattresses, such as Talalay Latex, encased coils and visco-elastic memory foam.