FXI Acquires Hickory Springs Manufacturing Facility

FXI, a producer of innovative foam technology, announced it has acquired the Hickory Springs Manufacturing's Portland, Ore., facility, a 185,000-square-foot foam pouring and fabrication plant. This transaction increases FXI’s capacity and service capabilities for the home furnishings industry in the Pacific Northwest.

FXI has operated its own plant in Portland for several years. Those employees will join the HSM employees in the new location over the next several months.

“Over the past several years we have made strategic acquisitions of well-regarded manufacturing facilities to fuel FXI’s business growth. The HSM facility is a high-quality production facility with well-trained employees,” said FXI President and Chief Executive Officer John Cowles. “This is an exciting time for all of our people and our customers. Customers will benefit from our expanded capabilities and there will be new opportunities for our current employees in the region, knowing that FXI is committed to the foam business."

For more information, please visit fxi.com.

About FXI: FXI is a leading producer of innovative foam products for the home, healthcare, electronics, industrial, personal care and transportation markets. Headquartered in Media, Pa., the company offers an array of products to meet the needs of a diverse marketplace. From mattresses and furniture to electronics and wound care, the foam solutions provided by FXI optimize performance and increase comfort for consumers