From The Publisher: Winter 2019

In this robust winter issue, we think you’ll see a theme emerging. This season, we’ve noticed a number of manufacturers taking the time to reexamine their roots, using the collections that have worked for them in the past as the basis for new innovation. While this trend began back in July, it’s continuing to evolve. By returning to old favorites and making updates, these brands are providing consumers with the classics, revisited and made better than ever. The same can be said of our cover story company, Diamond Mattress 

 For Diamond’s Shaun Pennington, reinvigorating a brand teeming with history and taking its rich legacy to the next level is just the tip of the iceberg. In our cover story, we explore what’s new with the family owned brand and what’s to come as Pennington settles into the role of company president. With a distinctive vision in mind, he has set out to re-brand Diamond Mattress as a health and wellness company with a special interest in helping its retail partners thrive.  

 Diamond isn’t the only company dedicated to the success of its retail partners though. Protect-A-Bed is focused on reinvigorating brick-and-mortar retail by improving the in-store experience and growing top-line sales with accessories. By developing unique strategies and inventive display systems, the company offers the tools retailers need to boost top-of-bed sales opportunities. Another brand supporting the step-up approach to increasing retail sales tickets is Reverie. Known for its inventive new sleep technologies, Reverie is currently focused on delivering a strong portfolio of cutting-edge power bases. The company is also devoted to teaching its partners effortless ways to emphasize the health benefits of adjustable bases during every sales conversation. 

 In our winter Q&A, we called on the creatives of the industry to share their perspectives on product and package design. And in our Product Focus feature, we highlighted a whole host of brands and products that offer drop-shipped mattresses made right here in the USA.  

 The Product Focus also had us thinking through a major challenge for the bedding industry: the uncertain consequences of new tariffs. While the majority of manufacturers featured pride themselves on their ability to independently produce bedding and mattresses stateside, we anticipate many brands may need to re-evaluate both their sourcing and manufacturing processes as we head into 2019. More brands will likely seek to gain greater control over how and where their products are created to prevent price surges for retailers and consumers alike. We are interested to see how this looming challenge will unfold, how manufacturers will contend with it and we are excited for the creative solutions that are likely to arise in the new year ahead. 

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