From the Publisher: Winter 2018

The bedding industry has had quite a year. From retail partnership shake-ups and break-ups to an ever-growing list of new online competitors, 2017 presented many unique challenges for both retailers and manufacturers—but it also opened the doors to plenty of new opportunities as well. In some ways, this past year served as an overdue reckoning for an industry steeped in tradition. For this issue of Sleep Retailer, we focused on bedding manufacturers that have risen to the challenge and think critically about how to provide their retail partners with a competitive edge too. Throughout these pages, you will find a host of innovative sleep solutions backed by proven technologies—and learn more about the companies that are raising the standards of quality and integrity.

That all starts with our cover story. Over the past five years, PureCare has experienced a tremendous amount of growth, thanks in part to its unyielding commitment to delivering on its promise of creating a cleaner, healthier, more rejuvenating sleep environment. For PureCare, health and wellness is not just a selling strategy or a marketing campaign; it’s the basis upon which all of its products are built. Driven by this overarching mission, the company has developed a comprehensive portfolio of sleep accessories powered by advanced textile and design innovations.

In an exclusive winter issue supplement, we take a closer look at Kingsdown’s growing product portfolio, showcasing the extraordinary level of research and testing that goes into all of its mattress offerings. The Kingsdown brand understands that a key ingredient in creating and selling a quality product is the quality team behind it. Employee-owned and operated since 1985, the company has created a corporate culture that supports and empowers everyone from top executives to individual factory workers—and that devotion is reflected in all of its mattress offerings.

Of course, true integrity extends beyond the manufacturing stage as well. In this issue’s Q&A, we learn more about what it means to be a good manufacturing partner as executives from five leading bedding companies explain how they go above and beyond to support their brick-and-mortar retailers. Whether through comprehensive training, advanced in-store tools or digital support, these manufacturers are helping their retail partners create a mattress shopping experience that not only boosts sales but enhances overall customer satisfaction.

At its core, the bedding industry is built around the goal of helping people find a better night sleep. While quality products are essential to that goal, they are only one part of the solution. In a special contributing feature, Reverie CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan underscores the importance of teaching consumers about sleep health and hygiene—and makes the case that this education is the key to growing the industry’s overall market share.

Amidst all the ups and downs of the past year, it’s safe to say that 2017 was an exciting time for the bedding marketplace. As we head into 2018, we’re heartened by the level of creativity and ingenuity emanating from these pages—and we look forward to seeing how the industry will continue to evolve in the year ahead.

—Christopher Schriever