From The Publisher: Summer 2019

This summer, we’ve begun to see a major theme emerge across the industry: one of flexibility and adjustability. In today’s rapidly changing market, retailers must continue to evolve and demonstrate their willingness to adapt. Throughout this issue, we’ve highlighted numerous manufacturers that have solutions to help their partners do exactly that.

The way in which manufacturers have adapted to recent industry shifts reinforces the idea that the bedding and mattress industry is teeming with shrewd leaders who know how to help retailers thrive. It all starts with our cover story.

In this summer’s cover story, we highlight ReST, a company that offers its own unique take on smart mattresses and ultimately, smarter sleep. A perfect embodiment of adaptability, the ReST Bed automatically adjusts throughout the night to improve rest. But ReST also takes a purposeful and dynamic approach to the entire sales process. The company not only delivers a new kind of responsive sleep solution, but also provides retailers with the proper resources they need to introduce the innovative product to their customers.

In our Product Focus feature, we highlighted a number of prime private label partners. Building your own brand is another way to meaningfully connect with your customers and set your store apart. Many of the featured partners also make is simple to continually update your lineups to meet the wants and needs of shoppers.

Another key differentiator in today’s market is shipping efficiency. So in this issue’s Q&A, we highlighted how manufacturers help their partners create a stand-out delivery experience with strong drop-shipping capabilities.

Enhancing sleep is a holistic process. Making it simple for consumers to find what they want in your store and get it delivered to their homes without hassle is a huge part of helping them rest easier.

As you think about stocking your store this summer, consider how your inventory supports the evolving needs of your customers as well as the changing needs of consumers on a broader scale. Are you prepared to be flexible and able to adapt to meet them? Which partners will best support you in achieving that goal?