From The Publisher: Summer 2018

From themed mattress programs like hotel-worthy beds for the home to retail-friendly boxed bed line-ups and fresh marketing approaches, manufacturers are addressing consumer demands just in time for summer. It is clear that shifting consumer expectations are shaking up the market and altering the very nature of buying and selling.

In this issue, we have honed in on how brands are thinking big picture when it comes to retail, offering comprehensive programs and ensuring retail partners have the support they need to deliver innovative consumer experiences.

With its transition from pillow producer to all-around bedding maker and its newly revamped brand identity, Blu Sleep has reinvented itself in more ways than one in recent years. In this issue’s cover story, we not only took a closer look at the company’s diversified product offerings, but explore how its new look is providing retailers with a clearer, more engaging line-up.

Blu Sleep isn’t the only brand with an eye for detail. In this issue’s special features, we took a closer look at how Malouf and Protect-A-Bed provide its retailers with three hundred and sixty degree support. Continuing along the theme of retail support and industry change, our Q&A feature asked manufacturers to weigh in on how they help retailers counteract the negative connotations consumers might have around in-store mattress shopping.

In our Product Focus feature, we highlighted brands offering natural and organic sleep products, an increasingly in-demand product category among consumers. Finally, we followed up on last issue’s mattress retail statistics with an inside look into Colonial LLC’s most recent mattress shopper study, revealing a host of surprising new insights about how people research, shop and ultimately buy their next bed.

As we head into the second half of 2018, we are confident that mattress retailers and shoppers are in good hands. Throughout all of these pages, you will find bedding manufacturers that are considering all angles of sales, creating valuable solutions to RSA challenges and approaching product development with the consumer experience top of mind.