From The Publisher: Spring 2021

Spirits certainly feel on the rise in the US this spring, with the weather getting warmer and vaccine distribution ramping up. And with that light at the end of the tunnel, the bedding and mattress retail industry continues to face both challenges and opportunities as it prepares for a post-pandemic world. The uptick in consumer demand for home and bedding products was an unexpected win over the past year—but now, the question on many peoples minds seems to be: how can we keep this momentum going? In this issue, weve highlighted numerous brands, products and services to help retailers capitalize on the ongoing interest in better sleep long after America opens back up again and the fears of further lockdowns subside. 

Cover Story

In this issues cover story, we spotlight Posh+Lavish—a brand that has done a fantastic job of understanding and diligently serving an ultra-premium niche. Recognizing that it needn’t be everything for everyone, Posh+Lavish helps brick-and-mortar retailers connect with consumers that are looking for the best of the best, those that are actively looking to try that product out in person before buying. The company has re-routed the “race" back to the top, eschewing de-specing to instead promote a clear, quality-focused luxury story. In doing so, Posh+Lavish is helping retailers mix up their inventories and retool their strategies at a time when a little reinvention could be the key to sales success. 


Our Q&A this issue tackles the question of post-pandemic momentum head on. We turned to a record number of industry leaders to get their thoughts on how the bedding industry can continue to encourage the heightened consumer interest in sleep health even after the pandemic is over. As you plan your strategy for the remainder of the year, we hope these insights will shed some light on the growth opportunities that still remain! 

Product Focus

And, in our Product Focus, weve honed in on protection products, a category that has grown more relevant as a result of the heightened concern for health, safety and cleanliness. Mattress and pillow protectors not only provide an anti-bacterial barrier to support overall health and wellness, they can also help preserve the life of the sleep products. Consider a variety of products to help you increase sales tickets and support consumer health. 

Manufacturers have been hard at work recalibrating their product offerings and customer service to support the ever-evolving needs of their retail partners. The pages of this issue are filled with innovative ideas, new marketing concepts, inventive products and most of all, hope for the coming months. // 

—Chris Schriever