From The Publisher: Spring 2019

The past few years have been a whirlwind for the bedding and mattress industry. From direct-to-consumer start-ups disrupting the business to tariffs and possible anti-dumping legislation, the industry has demonstrated its vitality and grit in the face of changes and challenges. Moving into the spring of 2019, we see versatility and flexibility as the hallmarks of the brands that are really thriving in todays continually shifting marketplace.  

 In this issue, our cover story, Brooklyn Bedding Can Help You Build Your Brand, spotlights a company that knows both the manufacturing and retail side of the business. What this company does for retailers offers the ultimate differentiatora private label brand only available from a specific seller.  

 While we are seeing some manufacturers consolidating their line-ups and others making their brands more consistent across the stores of retail partners, weve noticed several strategies and characteristics that todays successful manufacturers and retailers have in common:   

  • They Are Data Driven: Successful companies arent guessing what will appeal to consumers. They are collecting data and using that info to guide their approach to stocking the showroom. 
  • They Offer Logistical Prowess: Crafty logistics are ruling the game. Any way that you can make purchasing simple for the end-user is a win.  
  • They Are Omnichannel: Successful brands dont rely on foot traffic alone to keep their stores busy. Instead, theyve partnered with manufacturers that can help them develop an ecommerce sales strategy orat the very least, a more robust omni-channel marketing plan to keep their store top of mind. 
  • They Stay In-The-Know: Successful manufacturers, retail buyers, store owners and RSAs make sure they have access to the information and training they need to educate consumers.  

We love seeing all the creative ways that manufacturers are helping their partners compete in the industry and sharing these innovative tools, strategies and products with you! Thank you for reading and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and to subscribe to Sleep Retailer eNews to receive informative content directly in your inbox.

—Chris Schriever