From The Publisher: Spring 2017

Here at Sleep Retailer, we are more focused than ever before on providing actionable strategies and tangible solutions. Amidst fluctuating retail sales reports and changing consumer shopping habits, we’re turning our attention to the creative problem solvers driving this industry.

That all starts with our cover story. For nearly 15 years, Reverie has been leading the charge on creative innovation in the sleep technology space. Driven by the idea that true customization improves the sleep experience, Reverie has found solutions by refusing to fall back on tired traditions. Instead, the company continues to look outside of the bedding industry for inspiration to expand and improve its product line-up to better connect with consumers’ unique needs and desires.

Throughout this entire issue, you will find a wide variety of forward-thinking companies that are reshaping the way people think about making and selling sleep. As we get ready to head to High Point for the spring market, our Mattress and Accessories Update departments give you a full view of the innovative new products that will be on display. From Classic Brands’ e-commerce-ready mattress and foundation offerings to Gold Bond’s brick-and-mortar program to REM-Fit’s ZEEQ smart pillow, the collections featured in this issue all boast unique value propositions that are sure to help boost retail sales.

We’ve taken this same solutions-oriented approach to this issue’s Product Focus, shining a light on one of today’s most common sleep issues: how do you accommodate two unique sets of comfort and support needs within one mattress? With a wide range of dual comfort mattresses from companies like OMI, Eclipse International, Boyd Specialty Sleep and Spaldin, retailers have plenty of advanced solutions to choose from.

In this issue’s Q&A feature, we pick up where we left off with our 2017 Companies To Watch. Published online last month, our annual roundup of the industry’s movers and shakers looked a little different this year as we tasked each company with sharing some of their unique wisdom. Visit Q&A for a specific sales-boosting strategy that retailers can implement in their own stores.

This issue also features an appearance from first-time contributor, Jeff Giagnocavo. As the co-owner of Gardner’s Mattress & More and co-publisher of the popular Mattress Retailer Weekly newsletter, Jeff brings with him a unique perspective—and we’re excited to share his valuable insight on how you can make your store stand out from the competition.

More than simply keeping you up to date on the latest products and news, our goal at Sleep Retailer is to give you a clearer idea of how these updates can affect and improve your business. Whether in this issue, online at or in our twice-monthly Sleep Retailer eNews, we are dedicated to providing retailers with the resources you need to navigate today’s changing marketplace and build towards an even more successful future.
—Christopher Schriever