From The Publisher: Fall 2020

As we got to work putting together this new issue of Sleep Retailer, we quickly recognized a few distinct themes emerging. Firstly, across the bedding industry, there is a tremendous amount of hope for the future. Rather than relying on traditional strategies or waiting around for things to go back to “normal,” retailers and manufacturers are being proactive about evolving and adapting with the times. Throughout this issue, we’ve highlighted companies delivering unique ecommerce and experiential retail support. While the challenges of the pandemic remain prevalent, it’s exciting to watch the industry continue to create new, more creative solutions.

It starts with our cover story on South Bay International, a company uniquely prepared for the disruptions of this year due to its nimble strategic approach and years of ecommerce experience. These days, South Bay is eagerly supporting retailers looking to serve their customer bases both in-person and online with innovative programs and well-established know how.

We also heard from Reverie on its creative approach to ecommerce. Rather than viewing it as a dirty word, the company understands ecommerce as an essential resource that will ultimately drive traffic to both brick-and-mortar and digital store fronts—making mattress retail accessible to everyone.

In addition to a selection of new product introductions and marketing updates, we round out this issue with a robust Q&A on how to safely drive traffic back to physical retail—and a Product Focus that spotlights comprehensive turn-key ecommerce solutions designed to help retailers hit the ground running when selling online.

These stories and others reinforce something we have heard again and again: the sleep industry is adaptable, it has grit and it has heart. We continue to see retailers, manufacturers, software companies and buying groups optimistically rise to the challenge not just of selling products amidst a pandemic, but of supporting people in meaningful ways during a truly unprecedented time.